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Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Experience at Labcorp

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Onedaylate, Dec 1, 2016.

  1. Hey all!
    I recently got hired for a job that unfortunately drug tests. I was unaware that they drug tested until I received the offer. The recruiter said all we need is a background check (Perfect! Not even a speeding ticket to my name!) and a drug test at Labcorp (Seriously?! Shit!). I freaked out. It was terrible. So I read forum after forum and decided I couldn't detox in 5 days, and needed to substitute. I ordered quick fix from

    I practiced several times with heating up the urine both in the microwave and against my body heat. I knew that the 2 oz bottle could maintain body temperature in my bra for at least 2 hours (that's when I took it out). I was pretty certain I would pass, I was just terrified that I would mess up in the bathroom from shaky hands trying to pour it into the cup and drop it everywhere. So I decided to take a xanax for my drug screen.. how ironic. I microwaved the urine for 10 seconds and was on my way, with the bottle tucked away in a very padded bra under a chunky sweater.

    I got to labcorp around 2:30 pm on a Friday. The lady in front of me was taking forever at the front desk and not being able to check the temp was driving me insane. About 45 mins later, I was taken back to the room to put my belongings and sign the papers. Of course, the lockbox wasn't working and had to wait another 15 mins for her to replace it. It was painful to wait through to say the least. I was wearing leggings, so I wasn't asked to empty pockets or anything. Wasn't patted down either. She walked me to the bathroom and waited for me to get done in the waiting room.

    I walk into the bathroom, and there was no blue dye in the toilet, which really threw me off. Thankfully, I wasn't menstruating otherwise I would've had a very big problem. Red pee in the toilet but not in the cup? Probably would've been a fail right then and there. I'm not sure why the dye was absent.

    I used the bathroom, and pulled out the quick fix. I used the pouring applicator thing to add the urine to the cup and then tucked the bottle with some urine left back into my bra. When I stood up, I realized my urine in the toilet was clear, whereas the quickfix was a little more yellow tinted. I threw some more toilet paper in there to try and hide it some. But, it could've done that just through osmosis and the water diluting it. In hindsight, I should've poured the rest of the quick fix in the toilet, but I was just trying to get out of there. I saw the temp strip on the cup start to change and walked out and handed her the sample. She checked off the temp and told me I was good to go!!

    I took the test about a week and a half ago. Haven't heard anything and I'm still working at my job. So I guess I passed! I was able to pass my drug test without even having to stop smoking.

    Thanks to everyone who has ever posted about quick fix, because I have probably read your posts. I thought I would share my same experience with anyone who is needing peace of mind. It was so much easier than I expected and it turned out great!
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  2. Glad to see it works! but it seems like it would be harder if they had some creep in there watching you. and the stress of having to pull fake pee out and hide it just worries me in and of itself
  3. Oh you have no idea how nervous I was! But I would do it again in a heart beat, that's how easy it was. I laughed at myself for being so worried about it!

  4. Edit: I'm an everyday smoker, around 2-3 times a day in the evenings and didn't stop for a day before the screen.
  5. Oh trust me, I have an idea... LOL I'm a pretty nervous person myself. I just hate the idea of "cheating" if you will, and using fake pee. it just seems like it would feel so weird to pull out fake piss. and if they had someone in there to watch, there would be no way I could.
  6. Synthetic urine is a godsend. I can't remember the last time I passed a piss test the old-fashioned way :laughing:
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  7. Just did a UA at an Indy Labcorp with QF 6.1 and should have the results back next week and will update. Here's the warm up I used and experience at LC.

    Went in right after open so that I wouldn't wait too long and got in within 5 mins. Had blue dye in the toilet but never had to empty pockets or anything. No fan so I had to be really quiet with the whole thing. Once sample was in the container I went ahead and closed to make sure no smell test. Came up at around 94 degrees F even though QF bottle read between 98-100.

    Started hand warmer about 30 mins before heating sample in microwave. For prep I wore compression shorts over boxers under khakis and heated up in microwave for about 15 secs with cap ON. Then shoved in gooch and practiced walking normally. (The 3oz was just enough BTW) Was at testing facility 10 mins later and did one last check prior to pulling in. Lost about two degrees on the ride even with heat on blast and seat warmer on. Was 98 degrees on QF bottle but barely 94 on lab container. Rep was nice and I wore nice clothes so that I could say that "I had a work thing" if I needed to hurry if any issues and needed a retest.

    That's my story and I'll update with results. Batch ST163E85U
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  8. i've used quick fix at 2 or 3 labcorp and a couple government ones. works great!
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  9. Took a while for results, but GOLDEN and good to go!
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  10. Thanks for the recent update! I'm using quick fix 6.1 at a newer lab in illinois. I will post my results in probably about 2 weeks (my test is still over a week from now).
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  11. Any update on your results?
  12. I had a physical but suprisingly they did not drug test me but i had the quick fix in between my two pairs of underwear and it was completely unnoticeable exercises and all good luck and have confidence
  13. Thats awesome it worked for you, unfortunately quickfix was shit for me and I will never use them again. I was also tested at labcorp and they said it wasn't the right density or was the same density or something like that but basically they made me retake a week later and my dumbass bought quickfix again as i smoke pot and would have been dirty and i recieved a call saying they knew it was a synthetic urine and fuck quickfix for that. Never again...
  14. You have to make sure that the synthetic urine will pass amino acid test. They won't go in the bathroom with you. Why? Becausr they don't care and do not want to see your dick. They know half of their patients use synthetic urine for mainly weed. Doctors dont give a fuck about weed but unfortunately the feds do. So they cant pass but smelt weed on me and even said so anf passed me. Then again i live in humboldt county. Shitty thing is though the company can allow you to pass a test with thc as long as ypu have a 215 in california. However if you get injured they can avoid workers comp and you must take leave for 6 months. They even told me to come back and saif they dont care about weex but laws are laws. I'm like you fuckers just don't want to pay my medical bills. That may change in 2018 though. I will be going back though I love the sawmill and labour.

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