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Quick Fix Questions

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by mordofied, Aug 25, 2019.

  1. #1 mordofied, Aug 25, 2019
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2019
    Hey guys so I lurk occasionally but finally signed up to get some info. I know there's a million quick fix threads and I've read a lot of them but I just wanted to get some more advice. I have 2 different drug tests coming up. One is for a super important internship that will affect my entire career and the other is for a secondary job that is of little consequence. I had planned on using my own urine but even after not smoking for 10 weeks, I am still testing positive on a home drug test (I'm a fat kid at 5'11" and 250 lbs). I was hoping it would be long enough but apparently not. My important test is tomorrow and I didn't have time to buy from the website after failing my at home test so I bought from a smoke shop. After reading about failures with quick fix and it being 2019, I'm panicking and don't know what to do. The test I believe is at labcore but basically it's my first day of work and they're going to send me over with the registration when I have a break. Has anyone passed with quick fix recently and with a batch number near ST193D22A? Quick fix's website verifies it but I'm freaking out a little as the batch number is printed in the bottle and not on the paper as most people's. I'm really worried I got a bad or fake batch even though I know people who have bought it and passed from this specific shop. The slip in the box also directs me to Is this correct?? It seems like there's 3 different websites for Quick Fix and I don't know which is the legitimate. (The batch verification is good on all of them though)

    Does anyone else have tips for using quick fix when you won't have access to a microwave? If it's hot outside, should I keep it in my purse inside with the heat pack instead of in my car for risk it will get too warm? Has anyone gotten into legal trouble for failing using quick fix in a state where it's technically illegal? I can't believe I gambled my future away even after not smoking for almost 3 months but here we are

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