Quick Fix Plus 6.2 - about to sub

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    Sitting in the clinic, going to sub with Quick Fix Plus 6.2. Freaking out obviously, will let everyone know how it goes! Second time subbing but I’m still scared shitless, tryna keep it cool lol!

    Will post again when I hear back (hopefully hear nothing!).

    The test that was ordered was: Urine Collection - 2293 - 9DSP/BRB,PPX200/COT/PHN

    Pray for me, if you’re into that kinda thing...
  2. Update - passed the sub off without issue, except for the fact that they wanted HALF of what appeared to be an 8 oz cup filled. Only had 3 oz of Quick Fix. Dribbled a few drops (literally three or four drops) of my own real dirty pee on the inside side of the container to make it look like it was a proper sample, dropped a couple sprinkles in the toilet to make the whole production sound legit. Came out of the bathroom and asked if they “had any water to drink” to make it appear as though I was unable to produce more than what I had and wanted to be helpful haha. Lady said “no, but it should be okay”. Lady took the sample and put it into two small containers and placed them in a bag to be sent to Alere Labs. On the computer, she marked the form saying that there NO signs of adulteration and marked YES that the sample was within temp. Good to go there!

    Before anyone says I f’d up by putting my own pee in the cup, I already had done the math and even if I had a concentration of 500 ng/ml THC metabolites in 1 ml of my dirty pee (20 drops is about 1 ml and that would be a ridiculous amount of smoking btw) it would work out to a total concentration of 5.663 ng/ml in 3 total oz of liquid. Yes, I am paranoid and yes I did look up all these calculations!

    Anywho... now it’s wait and pray. Hopefully I don’t hear shit for the next week lol
  3. I passed! Quick Fix 6.2 saved the mutha fuggin day! Yesssssss

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