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  1. hey everyone!

    I wanted to take a moment to give you guys the run down on my experience with quick fix and using it for a pre employment drug screen in Southern California at a labcorp facility.

    First of all, it worked, or I'm assuming it did at least because it's been a week, I start tomorrow, and never heard anything about it.

    I am a business professional a man in his early 30s and was transitioning jobs and was even surprised when I read on glass door that my company would be drug testing or it had in the past. I smoke to fix some of the pain that I get from intense fitness, and also as my form of relaxation instead of having a drink after work, I take a hit. I didn't have enough time to properly clean my system from abstaining, and I've done the ready clean detox drinks in the past, but this was a job I really wanted and didn't want to risk it cause I'm always nervous with the drinks and have even gotten a dilute before, but was able to retest.

    Sorry if I'm overloading with information, but when I came to the threads I appreciated as much info as possible.

    I purchased 2 bottles of quick fix 6.1 with the urea in February of 2016. I got 2 because I was debating between multiple jobs and didn't know if I would need to test again. I called the form inside to verify the batch number was good and it was. I'm glad I got 2, I used the regular smaller bottle to do some test runs because my only real fear was the temp. Some people say you need the plus for pure amount of urine, but I only used about 3/4 of the plus which is about the same size as the regular and it was more than sufficient.

    I opened the hand warmer and shook about 45 min before I wanted to put it on (I picked up extra warmers from Walmart for .75 cents a piece to continue trying). The quick fix can be heated as many times as you want so this was good to know. I heated for 10 seconds in microwave with the cap off, it got too warm cause the temp strip stayed black. Left it out with the cap off for about 5 min checking every min or so, and when it got to 100.00 I put the hand warmer on the back side of the bottle, the side opposite of the temp strip. Then I put on some tight compression underware you might use for working out and crotxhed it (between my balls and leg to be specific, and keeping the hand warmer part against the leg, and not the balls, don't make that mistake fellas).

    I tried this 2-3 times each time leaving it in there as I walked around (keeping the original cap on, don't even bother with the squirt cap), I ran errands, went about my day and kept it there for 2-3 hours each time. I would then take it out and see if the temp strip was good, it was always about 97.00, and I had a cheap thermometer from Walmart as well, used it to verify the liquid was the same temp and it was always accurate within 1 degree of what the sticker said.

    On the day of the test I followed my same steps I did for my practice runs. Had to wait about an hour for them to open and then some time in the waiting room. When I was called back I had to put everythinf in a box and was NOT patted down or watched. They can't do this for pre employment anywhere as far as I know. I wore a louder belt too so I could use the clanging to cover up any potential noise. As with all drug tests you can't wash your hands or flush, so I took it out, shook the bottle and started to pee at the same time. As I peed into the toilet I paused, dumped some of the bottle into the cup, and resumed my pee to simulate mid stream in case someone was listening, then recrotxhed the bottle. I was told I had 5 minutes to complete the test, I was in and out within 1.5-2.5. The temp was within the 90-100 range, I signed my initials, and was on my way.

    I can say the overall process was actually very easy, I worked myself up about it more than I needed too but I do suggest picking up an extra one and practicing. 40 extra bucks is nothing when it can land you a job, you'll likely make that back in 2-4 hours on your first day.

    I had a friend who thought he would just wing it a cpl months back with a synthetic and he failed immediately because the temp was too low, so I was worried.

    Going forward I will keep one of these on hand at home for a just in case measure. Highly suggest and recommend to anyone who has to test, that likes to indulge in the best medicine Mother Nature has bestowed upon us. Again, I'm a business professional, who does no drugs outside of marijuana, and it worked for me and I suggest it.

    Feel free to ask any questions, I'll check back daily and see if I can help
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  2. thanks for posting your story! I'm planning on getting this for pre employment also. from all the stories I've read here on the fourms, they have all seemed to pass and I'm very confident that I will too. thanks agian.
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    Hello all
  4. Is this going to work on a quest lab test ?????

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  5. This looks identical to the packaging I had, and I took mine at a quest lab. Follow my directions along with the instructions from the bottle and it should be smoooooth sailing. If you're able to do a practice run. Hand warmers are like .75 cents at Walmart to pick up some extras. As long as the temp is good you'll be good.
  6. Mine was a SAP 9 w nit w opi
    Is that the test you had ? I don't even know what the test coding is. I know they are looking for nitrites and adulterants. Should I be worried ?
    QUOTE="MyQFStory, post: 22514679, member: 940061"]This looks identical to the packaging I had, and I took mine at a quest lab. Follow my directions along with the instructions from the bottle and it should be smoooooth sailing. If you're able to do a practice run. Hand warmers are like .75 cents at Walmart to pick up some extras. As long as the temp is good you'll be good.[/QUOTE]
  7. What[/QUOTE]
    No idea about those specifics, but it's basically real pee that isn't contaminated so it should work for anythinf
  8. Update to the nitrates question. I had another test for an even better job this week and subbed with QF again and this time it was an instant test. Passes all drugs as usual, then they dipped another stick in to check for protein, blood, and sugar in urine, and I tested positive for nitrates, I instantly got worried but kept it cool and asked "oh wow what's that, is it dangerous to my health" and he laughed and said no not dangerous, could be a sign of an upcoming urinary tract infection, and not to worry. Said if anything feels weird or just as a precaution i might want to set up a urine screen with my personal dr to check it out but it's not dangerous or anything of the sort. Nitrates seem to be naturally occurring so even if they find them, it doesn't seem like it's a fail for the drug test or a sure sign of substitution. Hope that helps
  9. Tested at LabCorp on Wed. Used a Synthetic. Haven't heard anything. BIG career changing position. Its been 3-4 business days (trying to count shipping day to lab). Non DOT test. Temp was perfect. Chain of Custody says "No" on split specimen. HOW LONG DOES THIS TAKE FOR AN ANSWER!!?? The company who wants to hire me is trying to get a hire letter out to me this week.
  10. Not sure if you already heard or not, but they know within 2-3 days MAX of you taking that test. If you used quick fix and temp was good, you're golden.
  11. Thanks for posting your story.
    I am in a similar situation. My wife and I endured a tragedy a few months ago and after the prescription drugs for anxiety were causing me more issues and friend recommended I smoke and it has been an absolute life saver. I have a great $100k job but I have to get a physical every April. Today is April 5th and I have until the end of the month to get my physical done. I stopped smoking 27 days ago in anticipation of my physical but as of last night I am still positive for THC (took an at home test cup). I have 2 bottles of Quick Fix Plus 6.1 for back up but at his point, from what I'm reading online, I'm not sure if I'll be clean by the end of the month. I'm contemplating just doing what you did and taking my test at the screening facility with the Quick Fix but I am super nervous! I absolutely cannot fail this test and lose my job (sole income provider, wife, 2 kids, mortgage, etc.).

    What should I do MyQFstory???
    Thank you!
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