Quick fix dot test July 2019

Discussion in 'General' started by alaska770, Jul 26, 2019.

  1. I just wanted to update everyone on quick fix 6.2. I can say it worked for me within the past week. Had a random for trucking company I work for. I really don’t smoke but have in the past month and didn’t want to take any chances. So I used the quick fix 6.2. I’m still driving.
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  2. How did you sneak it in, and what testing company?

    I have a 5 panel NonDOT on monday.
  3. I think it was something like alere don’t quote me on that. But it was a 5 panel dot. I always sneak it in by my balls rolled up in my boxer briefs. I did follow the directions and warmed it up for 10 seconds in microwave and placed the hand warmer on it, then put in underwear. Hope this helps.
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  4. I was worried it would overheat if I left the handwarmer on the entire time.
  5. Nah the warmer keeps it at temp. It doesn’t raise temp past the appropriate level. It just needs to be between 90 and 100 degrees
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  6. Thanks, I'm really nervous about using this. Any tips help to boost my confidence. I need this job.

    Glad to hear that it worked for you. I have my fingers crossed for Monday
  7. There is nothing I can tell you to ease your nerves but, as long as the batch checks out and you keep the temp right you should be fine. I was nervous all week. Don’t keep looking at the failed treads either. Just know I just did it and it worked for me. There is also a video that shows a dot mro showing how the catch fakes but he never tested the quick fix on the video so I take that as quick fix is official. So keep calm you will be fine.
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  8. I heated it for 10 seconds, let it cool, wrapped it with some rubber bands and it was too hot. I double-checked the temp with a handheld thermometer in the parking lot and it was a little warm, so I removed the heat pad. I had about a 40-minute wait and all went well. There wasn't anything to sweat about at all, honestly felt like they could care less. The best part is they needed less than half of the quick fix so I could probably use it again if I need to!

    I'll know if I get the job in a couple/few days, I guess.
    I'll make sure and post the results when I get them.
  9. Good deal hope all goes well.
  10. I got the call and was given the all-clear. I have to admit I did a few air punches while on the phone.
    I go in Friday for new hire paperwork, and start on Monday.
  11. Awesome! Glad to hear it worked for you!

    I’m waiting on mine to clear as we speak, dropped off my sample yesterday and my prospective employer said that they have not yet received the results. Still trippin but this puts me at ease a bit :)
  12. I think the biggest hurdle is getting it at the right temperature and they accept it.
    I was right where you are yesterday.
    As long as your batch is good, don't sweat it.
  13. Good deal I’m glad it worked out.
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