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  1. I recently used this for a dot ten panel test. I called to verify the batch # and it was confirmed that it was good until April, 2018. I was good on temperature and it was checked off on the authorized form as between 90-100. I took the test Thursday morning and it is now Monday afternoon. I’m starting to have some hesitations as to whether it worked or not. This was for a promotional opportunity and now i am worried I will be fired. I purchased it from a spot while on vacation in San Diego and it was only 20.00. Now I am also a bit concerned of this even though I checked the batch number. Hoping I’m being irrational and am I’m the clear. Can someone explain any recent similar experiences with this. Seems the testing has changed and I’m worried this will show as substituted or as inhumane.
  2. Why did you use it if they said it was only good until April of this year? Did you mean to write 2019?
  3. Yea sorry I meant next year... I found out today that I passed :)
  4. I just went in to a concentra for a w616 panel... I can’t find any info on what that is! Will quick fix pass that? It was the right temp, they split it and sent it off the Utah I beleive.... fingers crossed. My anxiety is killing me.
  5. Any tips? :)
  6. Didn’t work in Oregon. I didn’t find much info about Oregon, so I want to share my experience. My sample was accepted/in temp range and all, but it was found later to be adulterated/invalid and they gave the “refusal to test” result to my would-be employer. I’ve heard it’s the only synthetic urine found in head shops locally, so if you’re absolutely needing to use synthetic, go with a different brand for Oregon. They know quick fix 6.2.

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