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  1. I promised myself I would write this review to ease the mind of those feeling anxious and guilty, like I did!

    I had to take a prescreening non-dot pre-employment drug test at Concentra in late September through Quest Diagnostics.

    I’m a teacher and I used Quick Fix to land my current teaching job three years ago, so I had confidence, but ofcourse my anxiety got the best of me.

    I repeated the same routine as last time...went to my trusted local head shop, purchased QF 6.2, and wigged out about it the entire time.

    I followed the directions, heated it for 11 seconds and tucked it under my boob, placing the activated heat pack on the opposite side.

    When I went in the wait wasn’t long at all, and like a moron I smoked before I went so the paranoia was eating at me.

    I didn’t bring a purse or anything because I knew they’d ask me to empty my pockets. So I set my keys and phone on the counter when I went into the bathroom with the cup to look less suspicious (my phone has a password lock, so I wasn’t worried about the tech snooping or something crazy)

    So I go in and pee in the toilet while I was pouring the QF into the cup. The temp strip read 100 so I knew by the time the temp was taken it would be down to a perfect 98.

    Can I just say this stuff works flawlessly? Like literally Spectrum Labs makes this so easy!

    So back to the story...the tech took the temp and printed me the report that said yes, it was the correct temp.

    I obsessed over this the entire weekend and kept re reading reviews. For every 10 positive, there would be 1 negative with little explanation or evidence, and ofcourse I would let my mind wander and get the best of me.

    I checked the batch number again and told myself to just stop.

    Got the email today and everything passed and came out negative!!!

    My new teaching job is now secured and I couldn’t be more excited! I really can’t thank the makers of Quick Fix enough, the time and effort that they put into making their product work flawlessly has saved so many people from being denied employment. Please don’t freak out if you follow the exact instructions and check your batch. As long as the temperature is right and you are going for pre employment, this product will not let you down!
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  2. Thanks for sharing your experience! Helped chill my nerves a bit....

    I’m about to use Quickfix 6.2 for a UA this week. Super nervous about the whole ordeal even though I’ve used it in the past. My future employer uses Quest Labs so I think I’ll be in the clear. I’ll probably pretend I’m Bob Odenkirk (Better Call Saul guy) or James Bond (Sean Connery style) while I’m doing the deed.

    I’m planning on bringing two 3oz Bottles just cause I’m nervous. Will also be using the Quickfix Detox drink as a last ditch effort if I can’t pull out of a nose dive.

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  3. Thanks for sharing made me feel a bit better although I’m still tripping lol
  4. Don’t use it in Oregon! They have it figured out here. At least at the labs. I tried megaclean (after being sober from thc for 7 days) and resorted to QF 6.2 at the last minute. Temp was on and all, I’d imagine it’s just so common here and must not be too difficult for professionals to spot.
  5. What lab did you go to? I'm going to Labcorp / Concentra and I know people have had luck in the past at those, but in the past year a lot of labs have caught on. My test is tomorrow so freaking out! Please let me know!
  6. I took it at BioMed in Salem, the test was sent to a lab in Portland, I’m not sure which one.
  7. I’m so nervous. Used to quick fix 6.2 3oz today in Illinois at quest labs. Read all the reviews followed the directions exactly. Had a digital thermometer in my car that read 95.2 before I went in so I heated it to 99 with car heater and figured by the time I get in it’ll be down to 96. Got there waited 5 min. Went into a private stall. Didn’t lock the door. Didn’t wanna seem supicious. They made me put anything I had on me in a lockbox. I unsrewed the top shook before I left my car and gently again inside the restroom. Testing at quest labs. Waiting to return back to work after testing dirty a month ago. Been clean but took at home test and it was still testing positive. Pray for me
  8. CONGRATS!!!!!!! i will be using mine again on my next drug test ♥️
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  9. Just an update... I passed
  10. What a great product. I recently purchased and used Quick Fix 6.2. Ecup test. Don’t worry. As long as you keep the temperature correct, you will pass. Good luck!
  11. Just tested Monday 9/23/19 I used quick fix 6.2 but only got the temp to just over 90 degrees and the tech accepted it somewhat reluctantly seeming but I’ve heard they have to accept anything from 90 to 100 and he checked the box off that it was acceptable temp. I didn’t hear anything yet and if I get through the week I’ll know I’m good and I’ll update however it goes. The sample went to Quest.
  12. It’s been a week so I’d say I’m good. Qf6.2 worked for me.
  13. Used QF 6.2 for a UA 12 panel screen at a doctors office, was nervous as there were no reviews for a 12 panel screen. Rest assured it passed with flying colors! Wanted to post for others freaking out over a 12 panel and not just an employment screening. Just get the temp right as others state and you’ll be good to go. Good luck and hope this helps calm others in a tough position!
  14. Another Quickfix 6.2 Update for the nervous, and anxious—

    I finally received my first career job and knew I was looking at a screening. They even joked in the interview that they test for everything but weed. I reassured them that they probably did.

    I’ve used this 6.2 formula now 3 times in 2 years because I FREQUENT time in Colorado and live accordingly. Internships and other programs also required screenings, and both times this product has worked perfectly with no hiccups.

    Today was a bit different. I’ll preface with I did indeed pass, but it wasn’t without incident.

    I walked back to perform test. “Empty pockets on table. Disrobe to base layer.. etc.” did my sample which came to the direct line indicated by sharpie. As I handed the cup to the lady, she said this sample looks just a bit too warm. I immediately freak out. She says, “I’m going to transfer to a new cup in front of you.” She does. Stares for a moment, then tells my I can wash my hands. I come back, she has the paper for me To sign and says thanks. I saw her run a strip test, but I believe it was the actual panel. Not a nitrate test. Which QF should pass within human margins anyways.

    I’m freaking out for 2 hours thinking how tf am I going to explain this to everyone who was excited to hear the news. I got a call just an hour later from HR informing that everything was fine. Offer accepted.

    What I need anyone and everyone to take from this is: Firstly, check the batch # for peace of mind. Second, **most important** nail the temperature. I studied the sample cup that was too hot. It read at 99-100. After the transfer, it was 97-98. I believe I got lucky here, because She could have asked for a new sample. Practice once. It’s worth it.
  15. Mine just passed with QF 6.2 well. Was ecup and it failed that part, sent to lab and just received notice from new employer that it passed. I've read elsewhere that typically happens. Freaked me out at first. All good. I'm definitely an advocate for it now. Only recommendation is make sure you can get temp right. I microwaved per instruction, put hand warmer on and ace bandaged to thigh. When I took it out the temp was good on bottle but didn't register when I transferred to cup (very cold in region that day). Ended up putting hand warmer on strip for a minute and got it to register. If I did it again I would either get bigger hand warmer or add an additional one.

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