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Quick Fix 6.2 Worked as of August 2018

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by miztokealot, Aug 5, 2018.

  1. Posting my success story to ease minds of those losing their minds over drug screening.
    Last week I was offered a job out of the blue, and it was an offer I could not refuse. However, about a week before the offer I had hit some very high concentration vape oil for a few days, I had also smoked medical quality herb for about a week the first week of July. I do not smoke that often anymore, maybe a few times a year (horrible, I know). Anyways, I wasn't applying for jobs or anything so like I said this was a complete surprise. I purchased some at home kits and was passing them but I had also started going to the gym and working out pretty hard and was drinking over a gallon of water a day. My urine was very diluted to the point it would be rejected by the lab. The day before the test I slowed down on my water intake to normal levels. Wouldnt you know it the day of the test I failed the at home test.
    I have successfully subbed with previous versions of QF in the past, but that was 4-7 years ago. I was nervous as hell, especially after reading all the bad experiences where it failed. I decided to gamble and figure it would at least buy me enough time to piss clean if it did come back invalid. Before my screening (standard non-dot 9 panel 50/2000 at Quest) I went to a local headshop and bought QF 6.2.
    I have subbed in the past so the clllection process was a walk in the park. Seriously, just follow the directions on the slip. I heated it up in my microwave for 10 sec, took it out and shook it, then popped it in for another 3 seconds before putting the hand warmer on it. Be sure to activate the handwarmer about 10-15 min before heating the sub. I stuck it in my underwear (womens undies sometimes have a pouch, perfect size to stash the bottle) and went on my way. Did the collection, temperature was 96 when I handed it off. I heard back the next day via background test info, I have access to view my reports. Passed, all negative and no one was the wiser.
    Those looking to sub for standard pre-emp testing, if you cant get clean urine I would recommend QF. It has now gotten me 3 jobs since 2011.

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  2. My batch number was ST183D95A btw. Good luck blades :)
  3. I got offered a job at a car dealership and when was asked if I could pass a drug test was told that they test for "everything". I gave my sample of Quick Fix 6.2 batch #ST183B18A at Labcorp in Greensboro NC (not sure of the location of the lab it was sent out to) on Thursday August 9th. It is now Tuesday August 14th and I havent heard anything yet. I figure they might not do testing on Saturdays and certainly not Sundays so im not too worried yet. What freaked me out was the poster on here who said the lab tech smelled his sample and told him it was fake because there was no urine smell. The lady who took my sample told me to make sure the lid was on tight in the sample cup so I know there was no preliminary test done at that time. I initialed the sticker they put on the lid before they send it off to the lab. Now, I have a really hard time believing that when the samples get to the lab the tech takes a sniff of the cup before testing it. Who the hell would want to do that? It sounds very strange that that is an actual step in the testing process. Imagine working in a lab and its your job to smell peoples nasty ass piss all day long... I just cant imagine that being true..but then again, who knows? Quick fix has pretty much no smell except for the smell of the platic bottle it comes in so if that were a step in the testing process it would be a dead giveaway to being fake. The only other thing I can think of why quick fix might be found out is maybe some people go in there to give their sample and they bang like weed, have red eyes, are wearing weed or 420 related clothing, or act nervous as fuck. Then maybe thats the only time the person collecting your urine might do a seperate test on the spot to see if its fake piss that they dont normally do. I have been racking my mind trying to give myself some piece of mind about any possible way they might know my sample is fake and this is all
    I can come up with.

    I will update when I find out if I passed using the quick fix 6.2 as soon as I find out, hopefully by the end of this week.
  4. You should be fine. I have successfully used QF at Labcorp back in 2011ish and had no issues.
    Usually once its sent to a lab they get the results within a few hours. You would have likely been contacted by the MRO either Friday or Monday. My lab did the testing on a Saturday, it was tested within a few hours of being recieved by the lab. Best of luck!
  5. Edit:
    You would have likely been contacted by an MRO ONLY if there were any issues with your sample.
  6. Thanks for the added peace of mind on this. I just hope I get a start date from my employer soon so I can actually sleep at night lol.
  7. Did they do a background check as well? Usually they wont give a start date until the background check has been completed, depending on the company those can take up to 2 weeks. Mine was finished within a few days but thats abnormal and I also have like absolutely no records. Not even a moving violation.
  8. My previous emlloyers background check took about 2 weeks to be processed. Thats a pretty typical turnaround time in my experience.
  9. Damn 2 weeks is a long time for a background check. When I had to get a background check last time in RI, you go to the attorney generals office, pay $5 and they print it out for you in 30 seconds.
  10. Follow-up on my drug screen using quick fix 6.2 at Labcorp in Greensboro NC on 8/9/2018.. I PASSED AND GOT THE JOB! I sent HR an email on 8/20 asking what was up and they called me back within minutes saying everything checked out and I was cleared to start working. Apparently the delay was with the service manager going on vacation right after I applied. Thanks to quick fix I now have a promising future ahead of me and I couldn't be happier! I am however all done with weed for good. This experience was so stresful I thought I was gonna have a stroke and its just not worth the risk. Even though quick fix worked for me who's to know when the labs change their process and discover a way to verify a synthetic urine sample. In the end, having a good job is more important than getting high. Thanks to everyone for their encouragement and advice and I wish you all the best. : )
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  11. used quick fix in july 2018 warmed it, shook it up, checked the batch all was right. I failed the test, lost out on a great position that i really needed..i was so embarrassed never failed before with subbing or using detox methods however smoke too much for detox to work anymore..have another opportunity coming up in a couple weeks..gotta pass need this job desperately..i will be subbing with hubbys sample..i wont trust it again..lab called said there was no uric acid and no said it contained urea..
  12. Weird, where did you buy yours from? What batch number did you have?

    Sounds like you got either a knock off or an expired batch.
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  13. Also, curious as to why you are now just posting this information? It does not take 2 months to get drug results back even if it was negative.
    Also, the no smell part is kinda weird. Its not protocol to judge a sample by the lack of urine and only reason it would not have urea or uric acid is if it was a knock off batch. What type of test did you take? Was it DOT or non?
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  14. Got in from a local head shop. Validated batch number with supplier, stated it was good..temp was right..sucked so bad to lose out on that job..
  15. I just now decided to set up an acct to share my experience, i live in oregon not sure they may have more people using synthetic here and more wise to it. It wasnt a dot test
  16. That may explain it. I have heard that Oregon is one of the few states that detects it. Not sure how much truth there is to that though.
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  17. Hello! I am new to grass city but I've read many of the threads before joining. I just took a UA with QF Plus this past Monday for a new job opportunity. I am currently waiting on results. I have been so anxious it's driving me insane. A friend of mine who has already finished the hiring process for the same company said it took about 3-4 days to hear back after the test. I am a bit worried bc the temp was 99.2 so I'm wondering if that it too high? Im not sure. The paper said "did this sample test between 90-100 degrees F?" And the person wrote "Yes" and then in the temp box it said 99.2 . So just wondering if I should be worried?
  18. I wouldn't worry dude. If they wrote Yes, then the temp was fine. What state are you in?
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  19. Yeah, I’m from Portland Oregon. Used Quick Fix Plus and received a call saying it was of non human origin. So, pretty sure they’re onto synthetics
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  20. damn dude i’m glad i don’t live in Oregon

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