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quick fix 6.2 review

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Grizzlyadamz, Aug 16, 2018.

  1. well a long story short I had to do a drug test for my job on 8/09/18
    so I went to my local smoke shop and purchased the quick fix 6.2 with that same day as I purchased the quick fix and went to go do my I go to the designated sonara labs to go do my test I was a little nervous no lie lol..anyways I finish up at the office and go home.. by now 3 days go by and I haven't heard anything back from the labs then all of the sudden I get a call back from the labs saying my test was rejected because it was inconclusive and that i had to go back again and re-test.. so I go in my closet to retrieve the empty quick fix box so I can look up the batch number because there was no reason for me to not pass I followed the exact steps on the box to the tee.. so I go into the spectrum labs website to validate my batch.. and to my surprise I come to find out that the quick fix i had purchased an EXPIRED even tho on the box it said it didn't expire till 03/19/ I call the number on the back of the box and told them what happened they asked me for my batch # I give it to them and they tell me that indeed the batch I picked up was a bad batch and that there was nothing that they could do and that I should have checked it before I bought it and that they were gonna call all the distributors to get them back.. that's a bunch of BS me being a customer I should get my money back from them selling me a bad batch..point blank period bad buisness 20180814_092048.jpg 20180814_102954.jpg Screenshot_20180815-172154.png Screenshot_20180815-172154.png Screenshot_20180815-172154.png
  2. Did you retest? If so did it work then?

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