Quick Fix 6.2 Quest Diagnostics May 21, 2018 Worked!

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  1. I am a nursing student and had to do a 10 panel drug test at Quest Diagnostics. I purchased quick fix 6.2 directly from the official website. I followed the exact instructions on the paper that came but intstead warmed it up for 10 second 1 hr before the test then another 5 seconds 30 min before the test. And shook it. I then attached the packet warmer and tucked it under my balls and wore 2 briefs and then sweatpants. Everything went fine with the lady and I shook it quietly before I poured it in the cup and gave it to her temp was at 96 and singed some things then I left. Was nervous for a few days but it came back negative and I passed. There's nothing to worry about just follow the instructions and you'll be good to go!
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  2. This came in clutch bro
  3. Just order this for a test I have next week. Hope to god this works...does Quest watch you pee? And why would they add nitrates to the synthetic urine. I'm hoping this works, but sketched the hell out!!! And I guess taping to upper thigh is the way to go? *rip off the thigh hair for a clean test!* LOL And do the handwarmers come with the temperature meter?
  4. Ya bro I saw no one wrote about it so I figured I should've lol
  5. No they won't watch u urinate it's you by urself in the bathroom. And under ur balls is the best place to put it it will stay warm. And u attach the hand warmer to the bottle with the rubber band it comes with and there's a thermometer on the bottle. The nitrates you do not need to worry about with a drug test they are only looking for the drugs. Quest and lab corp are a joke and u can easily pass with quick fix
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  6. My man!! I appreciate it. Boosting the confidence I greatly need.
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  7. No problem bro
  8. any issues with noise opening the cap? do you have to pee in the toilet and stop mid stream then pee again to act like you legitimately peed in the cup? What's the best way to get through the little nuances of everything?
  9. Nah just open the cap slowly and what I did was pee in the toilet and after I poured the quick fix into the cup. I bought the 3oz
  10. is there blue stuff in the toilet or any tricks i should be aware of? can you flush the toilet?
  11. Nahhh just poss in the toilet pour the quick fix in the cup n DONT flush the toilet you'll be good
  12. why not flush? my fault for asking so many questions. i dont mean to annoy you
  13. still kind've sketched out. How would a lab not know it is not real urine. Can't they spot synthetic quickfix urine?
  14. Just chill bro. That's what I'm saying it's easy to let ur mind wonder it will work. They cannot search for anything but just the drugs in the urine. The quick fix has all the properties of real urine you'll be fine
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  15. okay, the only directions that I am confused about is that it says to loosen the cap on the quick fix bottle before using the microwave .. does that mean just crack the seal or legit take the cap off? sorry i just want to make sure everything is 100% flawless
  16. It work for you?
  17. I took a dot drug test with 6.2 QF. It was sent off to a lab in Kansas. Any word on DOT test with this stuff?
  18. Took mine Saturday, still waiting. I'll keep you updated
  19. how long did results take?
  20. Awesome man. If you dont mind me asking where did you take your test?

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