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Quick Fix 6.2 November 2018

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Idkwhatimdoing, Nov 2, 2018.

  1. hey, (long post, fair warning) honestly I’m just looking for some reassurance, because I’m freaking out. I’ve been an almost daily smoker for the past 2 1/2 years (on and off before that), and found out I had a pre-employment drug screen and immediately stopped smoking. Unfortunately, it was only 5 days later that they informed me that I had 48 hours to take the test. I’m about 150lb and 5’8” and very athletic. Pretty low BMI id imagine. I did everything I could to detox, eat clean, vitamins, minimal sugar and carbs, etc. I purchased megaclean and the set of pre cleanse capsules 36 hours prior to the test. After taking the capsules, I was showing a very (like squint to see) faint line on dollar store tests. I was relieved. The next day, I returned to the head shop just to make sure I understood EXACTLY how to use the product, this test was super important. I followed the instructions to a t, and also picked up a better quality test to take before I went in. Peed three times after drinking it, refilling with water, drinking it all, and, on the 4th pee, tested. Huge positive. My heart sank. I couldn’t go in knowing I wasn’t going to pass. I returned to the near by head shop (fortunately just a few blocks away), and asked for another test and also for the likelihood for this to happen? Guy seemed shocked that this wouldn’t work for a person my size. I also picked up some Quick Fix 6.2, and panickedly read through the instructions. I tested myself again (5th pee after megaclean 32oz) still a positive. I braced to use quick fix. I followed the instructions, went to the facility, had my sample accepted, collector made lots of small talk with me, I signed off and it was sent away.

    I’m in a state where rec is legal, which is great, but also, I’m terrified of being caught. Sample was submitted 2 days ago. I’m FREAKING OUT. I called the place to ask when results typically come back, and she said 24-48 hours, but that they send the samples to a larger lab in a nearby bigger city. Still in the same state. I’m sorry to request emotional labor over the inter webs but I’m a super honest person and am so terrified of being caught and the shame that will follow. Please halp
  2. Yes it was a valid batch, and my tests were 90 min and 120 min after drinking the megaclean.
  3. Also, if it comes up as invalid, is it typical that they let you retest? I assume not, but I’m definitely still not smoking.
  4. Oh, and it was a 10-panel non-dot pre-employment screening.
  5. And of course, I’ll post my results when I get them.
  6. Damn, tough crowd. I found a bit on reddit from someone saying they used it twice at the exact lab I went to, and that it was spotted both times. Wah wahhh. This stoner is definitely taking a break. NOT worth the stress.
  7. I think the invalid result comes up immediately with the test stick. Once they accept your sample you should be good.

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  8. I appreciate the reply. Unfortunately, my chances feel slim, but fortunately, I’m into things working out how they are meant to. I can’t imagine that a very common product is that hard to spot for professionals. Maybe a pessimist, but I consider it being a realist :)
  9. I should know by Monday.
  10. Update: DOES NOT WORK IN OREGON FOR PRE EMPLOYMENT SCREENINGS. A big fat “refusal to test” was reported. Thank goodness I hadn’t put my notice in at my current job.

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