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Quick Fix 6.2 got sent to lab (alere), will I pass??

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by RevolutionRenn, Sep 20, 2019.

  1. I warmed up the quick fix n got it at the right temp. Put it in the cup. Thought I did everything right. I'm waiting for the results and she comes back n says it has to be sent to a lab. I almost cried. I'm so scared. Will it pass??? This is the only job I've ever really wanted.... First time using fake urine... Please help
  2. Hate breaking it to you but all drug tests are sent to labs for testing... I wish I could give you a clear cut answer as to if it will pass or not but you might fail. Others might be better at helping you.
  3. Thanks for making my anxiety skyrocket.
  4. Sorry, I don't hand out asspats and give you the and answer you want to hear, vs what you need to hear.
  5. Once again, thanks for making my anxiety skyrocket. I was looking for experiences from people that have done it instead of somebody telling me I failed.
  6. You're welcome brohem.
  7. Just stop.
  8. Help....
    Don't ask questions if you don't want to hear an answer.
    I see NOTHING that he said to raise your anxiety level.
    The word hysteric comes to mind.
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  9. Fuck you guys. You guys are total fucking assholes.
  11. LMFAO! The only one who can raise your anxiety is YOU bro... I was being nice, telling you the answer you NEEDED to hear not wanted. What if I had told you. "Oh yes bro. You will be just fine and like totally pass." But then guess what. You end up not passing the test. You would say I am a liar or an idiot.

    Sorry I did not give you the answer you wanted.
  12. Hey man I agree that other guy on here could have kept the comments to himself, shit talking for no reason....I'm curious though because I've got a similar situation just NOW. TODAY.... My quick fix got sent to Alere Toxicology too, wondering if u passed your lab test? I'm seeing plenty post saying that quick fix will even pass the lab.

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