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Quick Fix 6.2 Failed

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Deepeye9, Jun 26, 2018.

  1. I had to take an unannounced random ua per my employer on Monday.. brought in the QF 6.2 had it the right temp and immediately after she dropped a tester in the cup and it turned pink she said it was not urine.. told me I had to take another supervised test or would be considered a refusal.. I drank lots of water and took the 2nd test.. she then sent both tests off to Quest for testing.. immediately after I bought a home drug test and was negative now I'm wondering what my employer's next move will be?. (Like can sending in two different samples be just as bad testing positive even if both test negative?)has anyone had a similar experience??
  2. Whoa, do you know what test they did? I took a pre employment and they didn't drop it in another tester but split it into two containers. I passed, I think, because after a week and a half I still have my job. The clinic didn't do any of that confirmation. I had a SAP 5/50 GC/MS at Quest diagnostics. What was your test?
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  3. Hi all!

    I’m new to this forum and, as most of you have, I have a urine test coming up, and have to resort to Quick Fix 6.2.

    Considering I work at an office, I assume that the urine test will be non-dot, considering I don’t work for the department of transportation.

    I’m not sure exactly about when my drug test date will be (most likely sometime this coming week or the one after), but I did order the Quick Fix 6.2 + the stash undies straight from their website, and I’m having it overnighted to my place.

    Not gonna lie, I’ve been freaking the hell out, despite reading tons of positive feedback about the product. So far, this is the information that I have gathered:

    1. Wake up 90 mins before the test, look at myself in the mirror, and tell myself that it’ll be fine.
    2. Activate the heating pad and leave it resting in a sock for 45 minutes.
    3. Grab the bottle, take the cap off, microwave it for 10 secs or till the temperature reads between 94-100 degrees.
    4. Rubber band the heating pad against the opposite side of the thermometer.
    5. Place the thermometer against my pubic area in order for it to keep body temperature.

    Any advice? What’s the best way to pour the liquid into the cup while at the facility? Am I overthinking? haha
  4. And I’m also going to check the batch number the second the package arrives. Forgot to point that out.
  5. What's up everybody I just took a pre employment drug test with the 6.2 urine luck formula straight from spectrum labs, the temp was correct and she put a test strip into it and it came back pink and she said it was not valid that it contained nitric or something like that and that is what is in synthetic urine, so they said I could take a supervised test which I declined, but wanted to let you peeps know they are testing for synthetic now. I was tested at First Med Clinic.
  6. how was that even possible i use it at urgent cares all over and they never have done nothing close to that some people say they smelt it i till cant see someone smelling pee, just do not act nervous is the number one trust that by the time they call your name it will be up to temp every time because the heating pad stays at 96-98 degree pour it in and just walk out wash your hands right away and act normal. but honestly where ever you tested must have had a strict policy or something was sideways about that.:weed:smoke on
  7. It happens. I give drug tests and have seen people fail with it. This is an old thread though so I doubt they respond to you.

    Lol trust me, as someone who gives drug tests we do not smell it. That would actually be against the training we had.
  8. like is it temp problems or what is it lol ? i like these ones some people do dumb shit now a days

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