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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by JckSmrkingRVNG, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. Mine was DOT with quest. Also negative but it took 72hrs new DOT 5 panel process takes 48 to 96hrs even with negative results because they retest 3 times before giving results .
  2. Hi, it was a 5-panel Non-DOT test and the lab that did the testing was Alere labs. My sample was mailed out to the lab from the collection place I did the pee test at. It took a full week before I got the start details for my position which meant I passed my test, so if it takes a bit of time to get the results don’t panic.
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    Hoping the same for me assuming I took the same test this past Thursday, started my own thread with my experience. Glad to hear yours passed and I went through the same, what was your batch number ? Mine was ST183C41A exp March 2020. Have seen every batch starting with ST183 pass so far. Hoping the same. I wanna throw it out there that maybe an educated guess using the microwave could cause for the positive for nitrates or either cook off or activate some of the ingredients? Just a thought.
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    Hi all, like everyone posting their QF story, I made my account to post mine. It is Sunday 8/5 and I took a pre-employment... assuming 5 panel drug test for my company last Thursday 8/2.

    I was very helpfully informed by one of my bosses the day before the test and told call out if you do drugs, but I was not about to go under that type of scrutiny from those I work with. I have my cdl although this was not a DOT test as per the paperwork it was not marked off and testing for 5 drugs.

    I heated my bottle of QF 6.2 (verified batch ST183C41A with exp of March 2020) with the heat pack it came with, rubber banded to the bottle before I left for work around 6 am. I did not use a microwave. Opened a second hand warmer and placed the bottle under my crotch as I drove to work for about 40 mins. The second hand warmer I just laid on top and periodically checked the temp rise, once it got all the way to the top I took the top heat pack off and went back and forth between the last two dots of temp. I wore spandex underwear and stored it in my gooch under my sack once I got there. The only initial test done was a temp gauge on the test cup, which I did not even remember to look at once finished but was in the range because my administrator looked at it and marked off on the paper work. It was split in two tubes and I signed the paper work and went on my way. Awaiting the results praying and hoping for everything it passes all lab tests because I don’t think they would do a dip test in a lab? Unless anyone can confirm. Hoping I hear the no news is good news so that I do not have to retest because I would not pass, with everything riding on this. Seen the mixed reviews and I’m erring on the side that with passing the initial temp test that it seems this stuff usually passes lab. It is going to Alere, (in Virginia?) I don’t know if they have other facilities but would like some feedback and will post with my result this coming week
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    (edited because i had a really long inane story here)

    just wanted to say qf and sub solution are both reliable products even for svt tests if ordered from the official website and if qf, verify batch number.
  6. I’ve passed with it at 94.
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    Picked up a Quick Fix Plus for 17$ at my local smoke shop. Thought it was a little fishy since its 40$ on there website, but packaging and contents all look legit. Batch #: ST183C09A

    Should I be worried that I have a counterfeit QF?
  8. Just got back from LabCorp and everything went smooth, temp was perfect, and kept engaging in conversation to hide how nervous I was. I really hope I don't get a call back telling me it was in-human, these next couple days are gonna give me SO much anxiety. I will keep the forum updated as soon as I get my results.

    (I found out smoke shops buy from whole sellers in bulk hence why it's cheaper)
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  9. Did you pass
  10. I have the same batch number. Took my test at Labcorp today. Did you pass?

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  11. Going into quest tomorrow to take a SAP 9-50 PLUS W/NIT! Can this stuff pass a extensive test like that???? Please any info is greatly appreciated
  12. Hello everyone, I took a 9 panel pre-employment test at labcorp today, Anyone have batch #ST182E01A? I passed the temperature like a breeze but i have continuing anxiety about the sample coming back as inhuman, invalid or W/nitrates. Does labcorp test every sample with SVT? (Specimen Validity Testing) lmk whats up, I'm freaking out over here. I will provide an update on status!
  13. I don’t have my batch number but I used 6.2 for a job screen and it came back as invalid and they are requesting a redo. The lab asked me some questions regarding prescription meds and other things. I used the original when I applied for the post office and passed no problem, so I was fully aware of temperature and everything else. They said it neither passed nor failed but came back invalid to test. I’d say if you can get your hands on the original do that 1st. Mines was through quest Diagnostics did at cocentra. Hopefully they will okay the redo. My recruiter seemed pretty chill with it. Said once he gets the email for the redo he’ll send it. Hopefully cause I spend time in the gym they might think any weird results are from all the supplements I don’t take, but they don’t know that
  14. Same thing happened to me. I just literally bought another box of 6.2 validated the batch again, and gave them quick fix again. Got a call with my start date about 3 days later. I don’t know why it gives a invalid the first time around then goes great the second. Super bizarre.

    I am about to take a SAP 9-50 plus w/nit tomorrow afternoon. So I’ll be sure to update all of you on it. Please update us on your second test as well.

    Good luck
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  15. I ama about to do a SAP 9-50 W/NIT. Is that the test you did?
  16. Just got a call from my employer and Iv'e been completely cleared and am ready to start training tomorrow!
  17. Congratulations
  18. That is awesome news. For you getting the job and also for me because I had that same batch # that I used for test today which means mine should pass too.

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  20. @PleaseWorkQuickFix
    All i know is that it was a 9 panel. They didn't disclose any additional info about the test :(

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