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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by JckSmrkingRVNG, Jan 9, 2018.

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    Hi all!

    I live in FL, and I’m new to this forum and, as most of you have, I have a urine test coming up, and have to resort to Quick Fix 6.2.

    Considering I work at an office, I assume that the urine test will be non-dot, considering I don’t work for the department of transportation.

    I’m not sure exactly about when my drug test date will be (most likely sometime this coming week or the one after), but I did order the Quick Fix 6.2 + the stash undies straight from their website, and I’m having it overnighted to my place.

    Not gonna lie, I’ve been freaking the hell out, despite reading tons of positive feedback about the product. So far, this is the information that I have gathered:

    0. Check the batch number the second the package arrives, although they told me on the phone that all their batches are still good to go.
    1. Wake up 90 mins before the test, look at myself in the mirror, and tell myself that it’ll be fine.
    2. Activate the heating pad and leave it resting in a sock for 45 minutes.
    3. Grab the bottle, take the cap off, microwave it for 10 secs or till the temperature reads between 94-100 degrees.
    4. Replace the cap with the flip cap
    5. Rubber band the heating pad against the opposite side of the thermometer.
    6. Place the thermometer against my pubic area in order for it to keep body temperature.

    Any advice? What’s the best way to pour the liquid into the cup while at the facility? Am I overthinking? haha
  2. I did not use the flip top. I left the normal top on. The microwave for 10 seconds heated mine up to over 100° so I did have to wait a few minutes before it registered on the temp strip. I'm a female, I stashed the bottle in my bra before going to the lab. I also brought my own thermometer to double check the temp right before going into the building.

    Pre-employment won't be observed so what I did was peed a little in the toilet and while doing that I poured the sub into the cup.

    That was it. I was giving myself major anxiety over the drug test. Once I successfully subbed I couldn't believe how easy it was and didn't know why I freaked out so bad to begin with.

    You'll be fine. Good luck!

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  3. Thanks! I’m a guy, so I’m going to have to do it while standing up, haha. Any suggestions?

    Also, someone should change the name of this thread because I get anxiety every time I look at it lmfao.
  4. My package came in! Tried on the stash undies already with my work pants and it looks great! My batch number is ST183D107A.

    Anyone familiar with that one?
  5. Took my test today and it said failed for buprenorphine? Still got hired but am wondering why. And am worried they might think I have a opioid problem and will give me a random
  6. My test is going to be sometime this week. I can’t stop freaking out ugh :wacko:
  7. Hi, did you pass? I’m concerned about the nitrates!

    Wake up
    Activate and shake up heat pad. Shake it back up every 15-20 mins
    Take the cap off of the urine bottle, shake it up, place in the microwave for 5 second intervals
    Wait for the temperature to cool down to 96-97
    I’m assuming 96 would be ideal because the hand warmer may only bring it up by 2 degrees.
    Put the cap back on
    Attach the heat pad to the bottle
    Put it in the stash undies
    Arrive at the facility
    Wait to get called
    Shake up the bottle
    Pour it on to the cup
  9. Almost everything you eat has traces of nitrates. Especially processed foods for longer shelf life.

    Nitrites is a bacteria, typically only from UTI.

  10. It’s easier to cool the sample rather than trying to heat it up once you’re in the room. They give you around 3 minutes to finish the job.
  11. All,
    I took a 6 panel w/nit non-DOT drug test and used Quik Fix 6.2 and passed! I followed the directions. It definitely works!
  12. I’m gonna rubber band the heat pad once it’s at 98 degrees. Test should be this week.
  13. Just be careful, mines was too hot so I had to blow in it to cool it off before putting it in the cup.
  14. So, what temperature should it be? My closest Labcorp is about 10 mins away. I’m planning to activate the heat pad 30 mins before I put the urine in the microwave and then I plan to rubber band it once the temp strip reads 98 degrees. Is that not good?
  15. It’s good but it may get hotter than 98 if your putting the pad on and sticking it near your body. Just don’t panic if you have to blow in it to cool it off.
  16. If it’s too hot by the time I’m in the room, I’ll pour it into into the cup (it loses some degrees once it leaves the bottle or so I’ve read) and then blow the cup a couple of times.

    What was your plan?
  17. I put the warmer on at about 96 degrees. By the time I got in the bathroom it was over 100. The tester was outside the door so I was trying not to make too much noise by pouring in and out the cup. So I blew really quietly! Just giving you a heads up it may be too hot so you may have to cool it a little.
  18. So does quckfix work? I need to take a urine test soon for my tlc license and I don’t want to fail with quickfix 6.2
  19. Worked for me.

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  20. What facility did you go to to get tested?

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