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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by JckSmrkingRVNG, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. Lucky for me my test came back as heavy dilution. Told me not to drink so much water for the next one. Not using quick fix this go round. 6.2 and me not on speaking terms. Using my wife’s I don’t smoke weed urine.
  2. Just got word from my employer. I passed! Start the new job on Monday. Quick Fix is a lifesaver. I used batch ST183C09A. Best $17 ever spent!

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  3. @cece85
    Just got the same news! Literally did a happy dance around the house lol Passed a 9 panel test Labcorp
    Batch #ST182E01A.
  4. Congrats to both of you!
    Headed in to do my 9 panel right now. Batch number HS18C01A

    I hope to have the same success!
  5. SCRATCH THAT! I saw my batch was recalled and went to exchange and it’s the only batch the smoke shop had. Went next door and got a new batch. Slip inside is a different color actually has a spray nozzle so makes me suspicious. Which one could be fake? The new one with a good batch does not have a safety seal on the bottle but the package was completely sealed and it foams up beautifully unlike the bad batch. So anyway, a little stress before I go.
  6. So I have an upcoming 10 panel test. I have a choice between Quest or Labcorp. I plan on using QF6.2 I ordered from Which would be a better option to have less of a chance of synthetic being detected?
  7. You guys know you can do a trail run yourself right. Will cost like $50. If it was me I wouldn’t risk it. Go in days before and pay for your own results. I’ve done this before to make sure my stored urine was up to par. Why not be thorough? Plus it’s great practice.
  8. My test was thru Labcorp

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  9. Good luck!

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  10. Was your urine test ecup?
  11. Was your urine test an ecup test?
  12. Was it an ecup test.i just did one with the 6.2 quick fix my buddy used his friends pee and he passed instantly mine was sent to the lab. I was hoping if you could elaborate more in if yours was a quick screen ecup?
  13. Was it an ecup test? Because they have instant results for ecup my buddy came with me he used his buddy's piss and passed mine got sent to a,lab
  14. Was this an ecup test
  15. Was it an ecup urine screen?
  16. 2E91D04D-4290-4D34-ACF9-E7F2624F2B53.jpeg 97B666D8-68AB-4C05-84D6-A07CD7F91036.jpeg 56E5929F-E1C2-48A3-BED5-1A3646D63480.jpeg
    Ok, I had to respond to this after my “science experiment”. Normal urine always has nitrates. What you are referring to is nitrites, which are produced when a person has a UTI.

    Now, after reading all of the posts on failing for nitrites, I felt the need to purchase my own tests to see what it showed. The regular UA strips where the pad turns beige pink right away just shows nitrites are present and does not provide a quantitative result. This worried me as I subbed with quick fix 6.2 recently (and passed).

    I found a site called CLIAWAIVED that is a distributor of lab testing supplies. They sell to the public. So I bought a pack of adulteration strips and tested quick fix 6.2. As you can see from the pictures, nitrites are present but within a normal range. All other checks are normal too.

    So, rest assured, quick fix 6.2 will pass adulteration/ substitution checks.
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  17. Hello Everyone!

    I took it upon myself to do some lab work also after reading these posts. The following protocols are very effective and should be used just as written. If you have questions, I will do my best to respond in a timely fashion. I had never had to worry about passing a urine test until just recently after seeing that many of you had not had the best of luck in certain cases. Labs are out to catch you at any cost, they can then attest to having the best standards of testing. You can always substitute your urine with another person's in the same fashion if it makes you feel better.

    "3,079 compounds can be detected in urine. Seventy-two of these compounds are made by bacteria, while 1,453 come from the body itself. Another 2,282 come from diet, drugs, cosmetics or environmental exposure."

    reference - What's in Urine? 3,000 Chemicals and Counting

    The lab created urine that is successful (Quick Fix) will contain about 10 of the possible 3k components. So what does this mean for testing? Well if you can determine which of the 3079 compounds they are testing for, you might be out of luck. Some labs are different and some seem a little random on what they may be checking for to determine if it is human or inhuman urine samples.

    However, here is some better news for you. What I have found to be successful in the ultimate search on how to beat the labs at their tireless effort to debunk our inhuman urine sample, is a sure way to pass every time!

    Your success route to avoid the "inhuman" urine sample results:

    We'll start by saying that these labs are in a race to be the best at what they do. Mind you, they can break down most every compound found in urine. The creatinine marker is just a small piece of the pie. Your urine also contains things like hormones DNA and other biological compounds. Some are only found in human urine and some can be in other species. I personally used a mix sample of lab created urine and activated carbon filtered urine. You ask why? Let's explain the process; Activated carbon works "mysteriously" (like magic but not really) by filtering out impurities including THC cooh. There is a fine line between over filtering and under filtering. For the purpose of passing a urine test, you just want to filter it enough to determine you have removed the detectable amount of THC cooh.

    What you will need:

    Lab created urine with creatanine and urea, two THC home tests, activated carbon, several plastic disposable cups, a coffee filter, purified water, a sharp pointed object/knife and gloves if you don't want to get any on you.


    Filtering - Poke several small holes in the bottom of one cup from the inside out. Fill the cup 3/4 full of activated carbon/charcoal. Using the purified water, you will need to rinse the carbon by pouring the water into the cup slowly in a circular motion. (Do Not Swish the Cup) After it appears to run clear, you should sample the water inside a clean clear glass or cup to verify the there is no black or gray coloring coming through. Once you are certain that it is crystal clear, you can begin filtering your own urine (about 8 ounces) using the same method into another clean cup. After repeating the process 4-5 times, you will check your sample for the presence of THC cooh with your home test kit. You should see a negative result after filtering the 4-5 times if you followed directions properly. If you are a heavy toker/smoker, you may require a few more tries at the filtering before the first check. Use a coffee filter, pour your final cleaned sample into another clean unused container. This should grab any notable carbon that made it's way through the filtering process.

    Mixing - Now it's time to mix, you can pour out 1/3 to half of the lab created urine into another container or throw out it or save it if desired. You will then use your filtered urine to replace the lab created urine you just poured out. What you now have is a mixture of your own urine and lab created urine. It will now contain all of the biological properties of human urine minus the chemical compounds filtered out through the carbon. The PH should not be effected by the filtering.

    Usage - Follow the heating instruction provided with your lab created urine specimen. If the company sends out the samples to a lab, it should meet all of the requirements of testing as human urine would. The filtering will not remove hormones or non bacterial compounds during the process. The yellow color will be slightly diminished, however the foaming properties will remain and all of the other component will remain intact. My sample looked and tested out as it should have.

    My guess is after this has been discovered by a testing lab, they may begin testing for the presence of trace carbons. If they do begin testing for the trace carbons, and if found in your sample, it could be deemed as adulterated. However this is effective and worked like a charm. I had very short notice on my test and needed to be sure to pass since the salary was very good. I would recommend just not smoking or toking if possible! However, if you are caught in a jam, this is an excellent route.
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  18. Did you pass?
  19. You will be fine as long as you bought it directly from an authorized distributors. Just make sure you validate your batch number. Where did you buy it?
  20. Purchased from a smoke store. Used it successfully twice before for pre-employment tests at the employer. This is the first time at an occupational health outfit. Verified the batch and temp was fine. Tech split the sample into two viles which I initialed and now I am waiting for results. The lab is Alere Toxicology in Richman VA. Escreen 10 panel non-DOT.

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