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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by JckSmrkingRVNG, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. I took a test today with quickfix and it failed immediately. The lab tech ran it through a test strip and quickly pointed to a pink square saying it was adulterated. Then they offered to watch me piss and I said no way. Especially not for the low paying job I was testing for. I will never use it again. I'm an old pro at subbing, I've had 100% success with clean samples from other human beings. Has anyone else had a similar experience?
  2. Man! Did you check the batch number prior to use? If you don't mind me asking which lab was it tested at? I took my test on 1/30/18 I'm playing the waiting game but Ill report back as soon as I hear. I used the new Quick Fix 6.2 batch number ST173M16A called them first to make sure it was ready for use they said it was a good new batch. I bought it direct at

    Sounds like they used a dip stick test on your screen, mine was going to the GS/MC machine for analysis.

  3. Are you advertising for quick fix or nah? You're bumping any kind of thread you can find about passing drug tests with it.
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  4. Advertising? More like hoping this shit will actually work lol. Have you used it recently?
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  5. Sorry dumped that In the wrong thread I think lol...Advertising? More like hoping this shit will actually work lol. Have you used it recently?
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  6. Nah I've never used it or heard of it lol,I've been piss tested once & somehow passed :confused_2:
  7. Hhahahaha well wish me luck I need it.
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  8. Did you pass? I just took a pre-emp drug screen with qf plus 6.2. Temp was good when I handed it off. The collector took the sample, checked it was the right temp then split the sample into two tubes to send out to the lab..awaiting the results now
  9. Did you pass? It’s been about a week since I took mine. Still no news that I failed..
  10. Just wanted to let anyone who wanted to know that Quick Fix 6.2 worked for me at Quest. They sent it to the lab and passed every test they used. The sample was sent to NY. It does work if you follow directions. Sure, I may be an exception and I dont doubt that there are failures but considering how well it did in the lab and my success with it, it may be worth a shot if in a pickle
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  11. I've gotten 3 jobs using their products. I got ecup at one and the other two actually took the sample and did it the normal way. Never had any issues so far so I'm not sure what caused it to fail. Kinda curious now tbh
  12. I just tested Monday, have used QF before many times without issue however this test was reported as inhuman and I’m wondering what the hell happened? I used QF plus 6.2, temperature and everything was perfect, it was sent to a lab in Utah and today I got a call saying it was inhuman

  13. I’ve passed three tests with quick fix. My friends and family have used it, altogether about 20ish people and never heard it failing them. But everyone is different and I’m sure there will be a 6.3 or something cause nothing is perfect, but most importantly good luck!
  14. Used quick 6.2 4/16 got the confirmation today I passed. This was at labcorp. It really works! I was super nervous but follow the instructions check your batch # and you’ll be good to go.
  15. Do you mind giving us your batch number? I took a test today with QF 6.2 and am worried it will fail(after reading all these fail stories). The email I got about the test was from Alere escreen, but the paper I signed after the test says LabCorp at the bottom. Also, mine was a split test...
  16. Getting ready to take one from Escreen with QF 6.2. Freaking out. Did you pass???
  17. What lab did you take it at?? And what state?
  18. No word yet. Took it Friday, and it is Wednesday. Pass or fail I am never going this route again, too much anxiety.
  19. Well, I think no word is a good word. I hear ya... This SUCKS! I also bought 2 different day-of detox drinks as back up: I'm leaning towards the Clear Choice One Shot I got from over the JET Detox I got at a well-known head shop here in PHX. Heard about either of these? I'm going to do it the day of my test and take an at-home test right before to see if i test negative. Might just go with my own if it works. UGH. Pls let me know if/when you find out. Thx for replying.
  20. Took test yesterday usong quick fix plus 6.2 and tested positive for nitrates was old I have a urinary tract infection. And he sample was sent out to a lab . Said it would take 3 days . I'm so nervous. Will it come back ad inhuman why would there be nitrates in the synthetic urine?

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