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Quick fix 6.2 Advice

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Redtoke, Jun 7, 2018.

  1. So I just used QF 6.2 today. Went to a Local Doctors office and gave my sample there. I was informed it will be sent to primary health Network corporate health. I am totally freaking out I have used it before successfully but these fail reviews have me freaking out! Some feedback would be awesome.
  2. what happened? i took it on monday and now its friday and no word. im hoping that means i passed and they are waiting on the rest of my background check to clear before getting back to me. i used quick fix 6.2 as well. lab tech working didnt seem to care if it was fake or real because he didnt even check the temperature. just put it in the test tube and said it was going to Virginia for testing.
  3. Haven't heard anything yet ugh
  4. bummer. i really wish i thought of using my friend's urine. didnt think about it until after the test and slapped myself in the face.
  5. The suspense is willing me
  6. I used quick fix 6.2 for a recent drug screen it’s friday I took the test Monday I’m freaking out helppp
  7. Well? Don’t be a stranger post your results. Did y’all pass?

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