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  1. It was a ten panel also
  2. What's good everyone. New to this site. I'm a heavy smoker I guess. Smoke once I get home from work or if I'm off I can smoke all day. I randomly applied to a job because I just so happen to see they were hiring. Last Monday on the 11th I recieved a call for a interview for that Thursday. I went in and the very next day they offered me the job. That took me by surprise because it usually takes a week or 2 to hear anything.

    I was praying for a swan test but they test screen with urine. 5 panel and I have to go to labcorp by Friday(I'm in Los Angeles). Now I used Quickfix before in 2009 and it worked. In 2014 i attempted to use again but it was a updated one that I brought from the smoke shop so I didnt trust it. So I emptied the synthetic urine and used a girl urine. I passed that. Now it 2018 and I'm sure most places know about synthetics. One thing about Los Angeles is it is very hard to find 1 person that is sober from anything out here. My wife usually is but she smoked with me the week before for my birthday so I dont trust her pre right now.

    I went to the smoke shop and brought Quickfix plus 6.2. I called to check the batch #which is ST183C18A and they told me it was good. So I probably go to the testing site tomorrow but I am a little nervous. I seen a couple of fail stories but in those fail stories they never mention the process they did for us to know if it was their fault or quivkfix. I keep everyone update and hopefully I'll pass.
  3. Hey guys, I was a very very heavy smoker, I have been clean 60 days now.. I have been doing home tests throughout and failed. Today I think I passed my first one at home, I have a pre-employment test in 3 days, does this home test look like a pass to you guys? I know the line is super faint, but it says a faint line is still a pass, just making sure it isn't a ghost line

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  4. Have anyone here ever heard of a 4 panel urine test? That's the test I'm taking I just saw.
  5. So I went today. I kept the bottle between my legs and when I got there it looked to be at 98. When I poured in the cup it was at 94 which made me a little nervous. I turned it in and they marked yes that the temperature was between 90 & 100. I'll update and let you guys know.
  6. You will pass just fine - as long as you get past the temp check, you are good to go with QF. I'm starting my new job next week thanks to QF 6.2, which was also sent to a LabCorp facility :smoke:
  7. Hey guys new update. I was sleep lol but the job called and left a message asking when can I come in to sign paperwork. So I'm in!!!
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  8. Was it an ecup test
  9. 6.2? they keep changing number as excuse for failed shit never a problem in 6 test with Fake It
  10. First of all, I love you.

    Second, my sample got accepted today as well but I also noticed it said "Specimen Collection: Split" Is that normal?
  11. All that means is they split your urine sample into two samples. It’s pretty common in employment testing.

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