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Quick fix 6.1 failed me

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Justsharing, Mar 19, 2016.

  1. Just had to do a pre employment drug test and wanted to share my experience. A lot of my friends have used synthetic and had no problem. I read reviews and threads for days before doing it. I finally felt comfortable, practiced with one and purchased another for the actual test. When the time came to take the test, I microwaved for 10 seconds, temp read 96-98, slapped a hand warmer to it with a rubber band and put it between my boobs, wore two bras to help conceal. Poured the quick fix into the specimen container that had a thermometer strip on it, temp said 96. Good to go, handed it off to the nurse and signed my name and went on my way. Just got a call (next day) that my result came back invalid and suspect for synthetic urine and I had to go retest within the hour. Ended up having a friend with clean pee, used the same bottle from the quick fix, slapped another hand warmer to it to stay warm and used that. We will see what happens next. I ended up doing some research from the web and found that the lab they sent my urine to specializes in finding synthetic urine (awesome) just wanted to share my experience, quick fix didn't work for me!
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  2. What Lab did you have this test at?! No details??
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  3. Beware.... I just used Quick Fix 6.1 for a pre-employment drugscreen (I bought it from the website) and I have had much success using this product in the past (I'm a healthcare professional). So when I had my test last Friday at the hospital's lab, I didn't think there was anything to it. I have passed tests before using Quick Fix at LabCorps, US Healthworks, and Dynacare. My test results came back clear, but they said that it wasn't human. I'm not sure what other tests they run to see if it is actual human urine, but it's a fair warning that labs are getting keen to synthetic urine. It might be best to use real human urine from a friend, or detox for 60 days and freeze/use your urine for future use. Good Luck!

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