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Quick Fix 5.7 / Synthetic Pee---- does it work?

Discussion in 'General' started by SeattleRes, Nov 9, 2011.

  1. Does this stuff work or will it just render the test inconclusive?

  2. hmmmm
    subed to see the answer
  3. In my senior year of high school I got caught with about a gram of weed. They made a big deal out of it because there was a heroin problem in my town. I was a good student and never even been in detention, and they kicked me out for 10 weeks and put me in drug counseling for 6 months. I got drug tested every two weeks in drug counseling and if I failed one test I would be expelled.

    I quit smoking weed for a month, and one day I was really stressing out and said fuck it and smoked. It was amazing. The next day I researched online about drug tests and ended up ordering quick fix. (Not sure which version it was at the time though). Well, I crotched it and when I went into the stall to pee, I took it out quickly and poured it in the pee cup. I come out, they dipped it, and to my amazement I was clean. As I would go to dump out my "pee" they would walk out of the bathroom and I would quickly poor back the quick fix

    So it worked great for me. It saved me now that I think of it.
  4. Depends on the type of test. A piss test you buy at walgreens, yea it would probably pass, but for example the tests I have to take with my PO checks for proper temperature and shit, so I dont think it would work in that case
  5. Quick fix is legit, their formula is pretty much real urine in composition... Gotta warm it up ahead of time, and use the heating pad to keep it warm... Buy 2 of em, sometime's I think the lab equipment fucks up and comes back inconclusive. (equally with regular urine)

  6. You don't even need the heating pad. I wore under armor boxer briefs that were skin tight. I put it right on the side of my crotch on my upper right leg. It will heat up to perfect temperature if you do this an hour before the test. I passed numerous drug tests with quick fix as I stated above.

  7. How do you put it in the cup without them seeing? Cause when i do mine there is a window that they watch you piss from.

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