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quick fix 5.7 ordered from ohio on 4/1/11

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jimifreak, May 11, 2011.

  1. ok i know this is a beaten horse but i want to add my 2 cents.
    i will be going in the am for a DT , it is a ecup instant test.
    i will not tell you that i will post results then not come back lol.
    when i get the results ill be right back here.
  2. well i subbed with the QF and i nailed the temp.
    have not heard anything from employer or the lab so im still gonna have to wait impatiently
  3. i'm interested to hear what happens. I have a bottle of synthetic urine stashed away just in case. it's not quick fix though.
  4. i just got a voicemail telling me to report to work monday morning.
    so it can work guys.
  5. i used the same stuff about a month ago and it worked. i didnt have the temp up quite high enough and the girl at the lab said something to me about it. i just kinda brushed it off and she sent it through. everything went according as planned. to anyone using this method, i recommend not using the squirt cap that they give you as i think it drops the temp from such a small stream flying through the air, but rather take the cap off and just dump it in the cup.
  6. Me and 5 of my friends had to put our other friends piss in the school drug test. They watch you while you piss. (private school so they can do anything to you on the basis that " you can leave" if you want) but we all passed.

    We were definitely the highest kids to pass the school drug tests lol.

    But anyway private schools are fucked up. I leave in a week for good *****.

    Fuck schools and fuck the unnatural creations of man. Especially when the technology is used to control us. things like surveillance and drug testing are so far from our real biological existence. We need to stand up to the worlds new technology enhanced regimes. Smooookkkkke!!!!!!!!!
  7. well i dont think suirtting it thru the air for a sec will decrease temp.

    i do not have a microwave, i emptied the QF into a mason jar and put it in a pot of water on the stove.
    used warm setting for 5 minutes and funneled it into the bottle, it read 100+ i didnt use the hand warmer. it took 50 minutes from my house to the test facility. i didnt use the squirt cap anyway just shook the " piss " out of it. pun intended. and poured the temp was an even 98 deg.
    so this 5.7 defo works on the Ecup instant test. gl guys and gals

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