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Quick Fix 5.7, gained entry to the Sub Club

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by miztokealot, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. Haha, so a little background. I broke my back in april and haven't been able to find a job that I can do, mind that i have a G.E.D equivalent (not even my g.e.d) and no college experience.

    My ex's sister told me about the job and how they are hiring over 300 new people in the next few months, I decided to say fuck it, I'll apply.

    Like a boss, I got the job. But there was a fucking drug test. Our trainer tried to scare us by trying to make the drug test out to be some complicated lab test.

    I didn't want to stop smoking, I use weed mainly so I don't have to take what the doctors give you (I've had to go to the hospital because the reactions). Looked into different ways to fool a drug test. I went to my head shop, bought some Quick Fix 5.7-1(called batch number and everything and verified, I trust my shop).

    Anyways, I used the synthetic shit for the drug test at Labcorp, and I'm in training so I assume I have passed since no news is good news (been 6 days from the drug screen).

    I wanted to post this, because as far as I am aware, there aren't really any reviews for Quick Fix 5.7 that are up to date.

    So for those who aren't quite sure how the hell they are going to pass their drug screen, I say Quick Fix 5.7 (I'd actually recommend getting the canadian batch)


    The american version of quick fix DOES NOT CONTAIN URIC ACID! I called spectrum labs and asked them, and they said it does not contain uric acid.

    If a lab follows all federal guildlines and protocols, there should be no way that they can tell the difference between human urine and synthetic.

    From my research, these labs are Metro Labs in Oregon, Concerta in Oregon. I'm sure they have most the labs running the same tests in that area though.

    I also believe that Hawaii, Washington, and maybe a few others have also started testing for this!


    You need to get the canadian batch. Those have uric acid drop ins, seeing as thats how they have started to test in the Pacific North West. You should have no problem passing with the canadian batch if you added and mixed properly, and kept it at the right temperature at collection time.

    Also, keep out of direct sunlight. This will make the specific gravity and/or creatnine drop and it will come back as invalid!

    So just keep the quick fix in the box until the day of the test. You can however warm it up as much as you want, so plenty of practice.

    It is still up to you to make sure that you do everything according to instructions! If you follow instructions, the hardest part is going to be keeping it above 90 degrees f.

    If I have helped anyone, then my purpose is fulfilled. Thanks blades for reading, and best of luck!
  2. So I just signed up today so thay I could add in my experiences with Quick Fix/ Quick Fix Plus. Just to let everyone know I live in WASHINGTON, so after reading some of these post and seeing an American flag on the side of my Quick Fix Plus I bought 7/14/12 I am nervous until the day I hear everything is clean, and I passed! I just took the UA today at a small clinic that is affiliated with Quest Diagnostics in Kenmore WA, at least thats where the papers said they were sending the sample. I have used Quick Fix before I cant remember the number 4.0-5.7, I just know it was quick fix. I would imagine it was the original because it looks like the Quick Fix Plus came out recently, and I have not used it in years. My brother has also used Quick Fix before, and can say that it has worked in the past. So I have this great job opportunity and if it works this time I will give them all my praise, and can hopefully set some people in the states where I hear they test for uric acid at ease. I just purchased the Quick Fix Plust 3oz bottle, 5.7-1 Made in the USA. I threw away the instructions before I wrote down the batch number I just know it started with C and ended with -12. The one I purchased came with a little vial of what looked like salt. After reading some threads I believed this to be uric acid(Im hoping thats what it is, since Im in a state that may look for it) so I followed the instructions to a T. I mixed a small amout of the Synthetic Urine into the small vial, shock up the vial, then I poured it back into the 3oz bottle and shock that up. I put it in my microwave for 8 sec, the 2 sec, then another 2 sec and still not reading anything. I thought, based on the directions I had read. That maybe I overheated it, however it was not feeling that hot to me. So I thought my microwave must not be doing the job, so I said screw it I have time to put the heat pad on it and get it to the proper temp. I had the heat pad on there for about and hour before I left my home, and it was reading about 96 so under the advice of my brother he said just keep it in your pants with the heat pad, until your pour it because the temp drops rapidly after taking the heat away. I can also add to this, you might want to practice with the temp before taking the test. You might be all fine at 94-96F but when you pass the cup the the nurse it has dropped a little. So I kept the heat pad on, and kept it in a jock strap with boxers over them the whole time I filled out the paper work for the job, then you take the ua after driving to the clinic. This kinda sucks, because it seems like a waste of time if you do all the paper work and then fail the drug test, but I went through with it anyways since the job offering is so good. I took the Quick Fix Plus out to take a look at it when I was in the parking lot. The temperature read 100 F so I decided to leave the heat pad in my car and let the nut sack keep the temp. Just to let your know I got a little nervous when I ended up waiting about 15-20 before they called me back, because I wasnt sure if it would be at the proper temp. I had to empty my pockets, then was sent into the bathroom alone(thank god) The only thing I would suggest Quick Fix does to improve it is make a cap that doesnt make a funny air noise when you squeeze it into the cup. I brought out my Synthetic urine, it passed the heat test between 90-100F so I was happy there. Now I am just waiting on the results of my test now. I will let you all know the results of the test ASAP. Im sure there is people in WA that are waiting for the results. The test I am being tested for specificly is 35109N SAP 5-50 W/NIT, so we will see if Quick Fix Plus works in WA under this specific test with Quest Diagnostics. I hope I pass, I would love to have this job! Wish me luck, and Ill let you know the outcome.
  3. Got a rope so I can climb that wall??

    I used quick fix to pass a urine test before and so has a buddy I recommended it to. :D
  4. Is there anyone from WA,OR, or HI that have recently used them:confused:
    That's the reason I signed up, so we could see if these claims in my area are valid.
  5. Well I can't say 100% yet but I think I should have passed my UA :D. I took the UA on Monday, and they haven't called me to ask about it being synthetic or to ask me any questions about it. From my experience that's good news, I'm not going to get to excited yet because I haven't got confirmation, but I will update you with the good news when I get the results.:smoke:
  6. So I can now say for sure I passed! I got the call yesterday giving me my start date, and the only reason it took so long to get back to me was they were figuring out the start schedule. So if you take the 35109N SAP 5-50 W/NIT test at Quest Diagnostics in WA you can still pass using quick fix. Just to let you know again mine had the vial of uric acid to mix in. So Thank You So Much Quick Fix! ! ! ;)

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