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Quick fix 5.7 and physical

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GanjaMountain, May 7, 2011.

  1. I just got done with a drug test at my place of work. I subbed with quick fix, and all went well, even with physical as well. I knew I wouldn't be clean in time, so I ordered one online. In a few days I got it, and I started practicing. The hard part was the physical.

    I picked a method of heating it up with a microwave at home first, then attaching the heating pad. This worked perfectly, and the temperature maintained perfectly. I attached it to my crotch pouch, also on the skin to produce body heat on the quick fix (just in case). I did this by wearing briefs and another pair of boxers, and some tape.

    I then went into my building, (pre-emoployment) , where they're bringing in doctors and nurses. I then got the physical. It was fairly easy. (no-hernia check) I then got the order to piss in a cup in a different room. I got the cup and I was put in a bathroom, by myself. She said to fill it up to the line of only 30mm.:confused: Well, quick fix in a 2 oz bottle did more then enough. She also didn't make me empty my pockets. So I could have kept in my pocket the whole time!:p

    Now I play the waiting game.:smoke:
  2. I PASSED! Didn't receive a call from a doctor or anything, I start work in a couple of days! It's good to be in the sub club! :cool:
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  4. good job man, im assumin physical first so im going to leave hot qf in coat pocket then ask for water in the waiting room i will find out how it is going to go shouldnt be too hard, after the physical part

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