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Discussion in 'General' started by jasonjasonjason, May 29, 2006.

  1. Hey everyone

    I just bought 3 ecstacy pills for 45 bucks, they are pink with a + sign on them. I took one about 45 minutes ago and Im starting to come up fast.

    This is my first time on x, what should I expect? Im gonna be alone for my first time but I plan on doing the other 2 with someone else (ill give it to some hot chick haha)

    anywyas I have a blunt rolled and i was wondering if smoking weed while rolling is gonna be cool or should i avoid it?
  2. I've only done E once but if I remember correctly I smoked weed that night, so yeah you can most likely smoke that blunt!

    Enjoy yourself...
  3. OIh and as for what to expect, I got fucked, popped two pure MDMA tabs, I was shaking and shit but one tab you should be good. However the next day will suck, body will ache etc.

    Oh and get gum and water.
  4. Make sure you get some fluids..my friend had a chic die right next to her when she was rolling. Some people stay away from the bud and alcohol, but hey who knows.
  5. Way to scare the guy!
  6. this is a great example of why people have bad experiences on some drugs.

    "I took one about 45 minutes ago and Im starting to come up fast.

    This is my first time on x, what should I expect?"

    Come on man, before you put anything in your body you should atleast vaguely know what going to happen.
  7. Nah I knew what to expect..Ive researched it a lot, I was just looking for some personal experiences.

    Ok so the blunt broke in my pocket:mad: but I dumped it all in my dugout and starting smoking on that one hitter. I ended up calling half the people in my phone telling them how much I love them:hello:

    X is great!

  8. Dont smoke all your weed on your roll, youre gonna be glad you did when you come down.
  9. tomorrow you're going to be like "oh shit...did I call him/her??"
  10. Yeah I got about 2g's reserved for tomorrow haha....oh yeah that reminds me..how hard is it to sleep while coming down on X? Ill say the trip started at 730pm, and around 1 or 2am I plan on smoking a shitload and then passing out..will this work? or will I just start tripping harder haha

  11. Theres a pretty good chance you'll be up all night buddy ;)
  12. Swimming?

    I have a pool in my back yard do you think it would be cool to go in it? Its only 4 feet deep at the deepest part...and I dont plan on puttin my head underwater anyways cuz I have long hair and I dont want to get it all wet haha

  13. DO IT!
  14. Oh my god this drug is insane...im running around... i went in the pool for like 2 minutes and it felt like i was in forever so I thought i was in long enough to get out. Now im typing really fast and im talking really fast on the phone, im actually going out to a friends house with like 4 other people there in 2 hours or so...what would happen if i like took another one? or do you think I should just smoke more weed to make this one pill last longer?
  15. wow guys even though im home alone i have like 4 AIM messages up and im talking to this girl i really like on the phone and i feel like im connecting with people on whole new levels.

    Do you guys think I have some good x? So far its been about 2.5 hours since ingestion and I smoked maybe .5 grams about an hour into it. I just mainly feel like im insanely high off some good sativa, while also on coke (Ive never done coke but this rush/energy I feel is what I imagine coke would be like)
  16. dude you have to smoke a jack or two and some bowls when ur rollin....completely intensifies it.
  17. Ok well now im about 3 hours into the trip (well only about 2 hours into the trip, about 3 hours since i ingested the pill)

    Do you guys think im peaking right now? I feel sooooo awesome but I cant smoke weed for probably like another hour or so, which should be good because maybe Ill be starting to go back down and a cornicopia of bong rips could fix me up.
  18. OMG i feel like im bein neglected in this thread haha.....im gonnna regret everything im saying/doing in the morning.

    Anyways I didnt go in the pool cuz I stepped down the first stem and my ankles told me all i needed to know "TOO COLD" haha

    Anyways its been 3.5 hours, and I think im starting to come down a little bit but between now and my last post, I called like a million more people + text messaging, this was while i was outside chillin lookin at the sunset which was amazing. Then I took the hugest hit of my life out of my bong and it sent me to the starts. I dont really remember much of the past 20 minutes...other than when a car came down the street with its lights shining on me, i was out in the middle of the road with my iPod on full blast with some Fugazi blaring into my ears, I was (as far as I could tell) singing along with it...while running around with a sparkler (i was like chain smoking them, let one burn and then use it to light the next one) and for some reason i had some shop goggles on lol

    oh and im grindin my teeth like a mother fucker and im not hungry at all even though i smoked and havent eaten barely all day, is this normal?
  19. no such thing as a pure mdma tablet dude... a tablet by its very nature is bound with inactive filler

    pure mdma crystal right after drying thats pure mdma
  20. just wait till the last 3 hours of your roll its gonna suck ass I bought a 12 pack of milwaukees best and ended up drinkin about 9 of them when I was coming down and smokin 2 blunts

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