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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Basenji, Jul 3, 2004.

  1. Maybe I missed something when I was looking for an answer...but is there a way to tell the diffrence between males and females before you repot them? If so...what is it and how early can you tell? Thanks.

  2. There is no way to know, unless you buy feminized (spelling?) seeds. But even then, you cant be 100% sure each will be feminine.
  3. The only way to know is wait for them to flower?

  4. Yes, sorry man.
  5. Damn...thanks for your help. :)

  6. If you want to see the sex without bringing the plants into flowering you can take a clone and flower that.
  7. Here is what I did, but I heard also that it can stress the plants and possibly make them hermaphrodites when you try and reflower them.

    I had no choice as I was almost burning my plants up in my grow box (they were on 24hrs a day of light). So I moved them to a windowbox for approximately 4 days and their light cycle was changed to 12/12 as they only got sunlight. Even after that short a time I was able to sex the plants.

    *Since then* I have read that if you use the method above, you must *gradually* increase their light cycle back up to 24 hours a day or they will be stressed and go hermaphrodite (both male and female traits on same plant).

    I, sadly, jumped them right back up to 24 hours a day of light (in the new growbox) and am hoping for the best, as they have returned to vegetative growth. They are both healthy but we will see what happens lol.

    The female is getting fairly bushy, I'm going to start training her tonight. Flowering won't be all too far off so I will keep everyone posted as to whether or not she stays all female.

    Hope this helps, and I posted more than anything in hopes someone may know more than me ; D and correct me if I am wrong.

  8. Sounds great man, lst that biatch! Grow them extra buds ;-)

    We're all here to learn from each other so if u gots questions, post em up man. Keep em comin, and since ur farther along in the grow process than i am, im sure ill be askin you some questions soon.

    Gtg, bout to plant seedlings! :)

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