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Recipe Quick & Easy Guide: Sugar Cookie Edibles Recipe

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Mass Medicinals, Dec 5, 2020.

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    I am not able to get any legal products, so my limit is the canna oil, and GD tincture I made using PsychedelicSam's method which was infused into honey. I think that the infused sugar recipe would work with plain gelatin and a flavoring like koolaid (but that has citric acid which is both good for preservation, and bad because it breaks down gelatin!) LOL. Real fruit juice for flavor can lead to mold, so it's just a PITA with gummies sometimes. Mostly because shelf life without refrigeration is everything when making large quantities!
    I do love canna-oil, just in edibles where it makes sense to use it.

    * edit* I almost tincture edibles and canna oil edibles are very different in how we respond to them. Onset is quicker with tincture, hits the head well but doesn't last as long. canna oil edibles are predictably slower onset, and longer lasting body highs, sleepier. That's been my experience.
  2. gd is alcohol based right? We would certainly consider RSO for this if we could source ISO in our area. Not interested in the cost of using everclear.
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  3. This will reduce the cost of EC significantly.
    It reclaims about 75% of it when making FECO/RSO.
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  4. BadKats CannaPharm: Medical Grade Oil, Cannabis Capsules, UV GLOWING Hash Candy, Canna Bombs more
    Read Kats first page to see where she was headed with her very high ratio of Lecithin to Oil. It wasn't so much for it's emulsifying ability but for it's bioavailability enhancing function.
    Once you start to look for it you'll find Lecithin in many foods and medicines. It makes less sugar seem just sweet and it makes pharmaceutical medications more effective from a smaller amount. That's the Key here.

    Follow her or my recipe exactly and see for yourself. I won't make edible oil without it. It doesn't have near the authority or the staying power without the Lecithin.

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    I recover near 100% of my 190 proof very expensive booze from my tincture with a pot still.
    Makes the $$ up front cost a one time thing and I only cried once.

    Two stages will recover it all. The Tincture gets reduced first. The tar set aside for now.
    The wet alcohol soaked weed left from the tincture making gets dumped in the pot and enough water to agitate it well. I use a paint mixer on a drill and churn the hell out of it then strain out the weed remains.
    Run the Still again and get back all the Alcohol that was trapped in the weed.
    Same 3 gallons has been doing it over and over. Eventually I'll need to add a makeup fifth.

    Ran off the 3 gallons of rinse water I washed the weed with first and get back a shade over 1.75L


    Recovery from the last round of Tincture reduction.

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  6. ISO and other inedible solvents will never touch my weed. Ain't gonna recommend it, and I'm no chemist, but I can read.

    The thing about lecithin is that I never used it in the beginning of my edible experiments, and then I did start adding it and everybody commented on the punch and long lasting effect my edibles were now giving them. They thought I was using different weed, but it was the lecithin. Then I stopped using butter and went to coconut oil - a great combo with less fuss. Never use water in your oil extractions combined with lecithin since it will emulsify and you can't get rid of the damn water. I used to use the water/butter method in the beginning and then when I added lecithin in there the 1st time and what a gross messy waste. I learned to add the lecithin to rewarmed oil after separation from the murky water.

    Specific to gummies is that lecithin is an emulsifier, but my usual oil for baked goods that I used in gummies would not remain incorporated, so I looked for additional emulsifiers/binders. Modernist Pantry is a good place to find them. There are many videos on YouTube about making gummies, but many are trial and error messes, boiled gels and many things that gelatine won't respond to well. If you don't mind storing gummies in the fridge or freezer, then that bit of separation might not be an issue for you. My issues all had to do with wanting shelf stability, and only achieving it twice out of all my attempts. I still have a tiny quantity of those gummies in a jar on my shelf that are a year old, and are still good.
    Honestly, oil-based edibles are more popular with most older folks who want them for the longer deep body effects, than tincture based edibles that give a quick punch and fade sooner (which the younger generation loves to cram into their mouths and enjoy that ride).
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