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Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by lexus727, May 19, 2010.

  1. Hello boys..and girls :)

    today i had a look at my little trichomes, and behold, about 50-80% of them have gone nice and cloudy... Eager to test, ive cut off a little branch with some few nugs. They are drying in thier dark room, but i really want to taste some tonight... best quick dry method?

    Its just for a few nugs to check if i should cut down my babies.. help and advice much appreciated!

    bless up!
  2. getting some air flowing and some heat going should dry it faster. you can't dry it in an hour tho, just takes time.
  3. well what i do is either put it on top of an computer CRT monitor
    or ontop of a stereo if it throws some good heat.
    Just slide your hand around and find the hot spot
    Good luck sir and happy Beta testing! :hello:
  4. Cool guys keep it coming... ive read somewhere about using the oven at low temps to dry it out... any ideas?

  5. If u dont mind your car smelling like green. Puttin the buds in a paper lunch bag and seal the top then put it in your car(the car needs to be in sun light pretty much the whole day for this to work). Let it sit all day and then at the end of the day check on them. If still moist let them sit another day.

    Hope this helped
  6. it will still take a day or two if you want it completely dry but the only other way i know is to put it under a light but that ...kills....thc?
  7. I test buds early with all my grows I can never help myself.

    I use the microwave method..

    Use it at 50% power, and use 12second or so bursts, each time take it out and flip the buds over (there will be pools of moisture beneath them) after about 8-9 times they will be dry enough to use in a bong / joint / whatever.. it messes the taste up but the potency is mostly still there..

    Have did it hundreds of times, first few bursts also you will hear some cracking, do not be alarmed.

    Thats how I roll.. good luck.

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