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  1. Hellow GC, I have some plants that are about 2 weeks away from being done. Im just wondering if i cut a nug that is about .5g off my plant and dry it to smoke it how much bud do you think i would be wasting in the long run? I want to keep it to a minimal if its gonna make a big difference. Right now the buds are really good looking already and i have smoked a bud already. But i am willing to hold off if it will save me a few grams.

    Im gonna take a shower. When i get out should i do it or not? Majority vote by the time i get back. Thx!!!
  2. Honestly, Id wait. It probably wouldn't make too big of a difference, but hey, the more finished product the better right?
  3. is there a reason you're doing this? if not, i'd suggest you wait b/c the last few weeks are when the buds swell and pack on the weight (or so i've heard).

    but just one nug couldn't hurt much
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    Well i have plenty to go arround. But if i smoke a nug that is .5 now and will only be .7 or .8 when its done i dont feel that bad. The reason is that im dry. And my quickdry weed is better then the shit i can buy anyways.

    So lets just say i chopped 10 grams. How much do you think i would be losing from not letting those 10 grams keep growing for the last 2 weeks?

    Come on pls 3 more mins and im choppin them all down if nobody responds!
  5. I cut off buds and smoke them all the time. It's your plant, your risk, do what you want.

    I have tried literally hundreds of quick dry methods and the best is the oven.

    Break the bud into small pieces, pre-heat the oven to warm, turn it off. Put all the small pieces on something like a paper plate, not metal. and Put them in.

    Usually you will have to reheat the oven once or twice more. And then you're good to go.

    A good way to tell when your done is to weigh the bud before and after, you're done when you've cut the weight down to about a 1/3.

    Dont cut off cola's, just sucker buds. Like the dude said above, if you pull a cola, you will lose it bulking up the last two weeks. I always just pick off a couple of hand fulls of suckers.

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