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    Hey guys i will be harvesting this week and i want to smoke a joint of the bud on harvest to just get an idea before i put the rest away for drying and curing. I wanted to quick dry like .5 or so. I thought my volcano would be a good quick dry method. I was thinking of putting it on at like 200F and just letting it sit on top for a few. Do you think this is a good idea? If so what temp? and should i turn the air on? I was thinking the air might be too much. Any input would be appreciated :smoke:
  2. If your volcano gets below 150, set it below 150. After that the THC starts to vaporize off the bud and you might as well just hit the vape.
  3. I cut a fresh piece and cut it up and put it in the vaporizer on medium and vap two bags but its just the moisture coming off so dont inhale it. Then I take it out and put that in a custom gravity bong waterfall and its a super head high great for the middle of the day :smoking:

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