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Quick Drug Test Question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BlueRuin, May 7, 2011.

  1. I got busted down in Connecticut a few weeks back with .2 of shake in the bottom of a baggie. Unfortunatly its not decrim down there like it is here (from Mass), so I got arrested.

    So I show up for my first court appearance and they say that if I come back in a month and pass a piss test then the arrest will be erased from my record.

    Here's my idea/question. Are the home drug tests from Walgreens as accurate as those that a court would use?

    I've smoked pretty much everyday for the past 6 months, but I'm a pretty small person (135 lbs) and I exercise everyday. I haven't smoked in a week, so if I tested negative on one of the home tests, would it be possible for me to smoke 1-2 times this month and still pass the court piss test?

    And before anyone says anything, I know I'm going to be watched when they do the test so no "just buy fake piss bro lol" please
  2. How about you just don't smoke until you pass the test...Honestly, you're getting off really easy, don't go fuckin' that up.
  3. Yeah I know I'm getting off easy... Its just my birthday is the 14th and I'm just super bummed I'm gonna miss it :(
  4. Yeah, I don't see why you would want to continue smoking and possibly fail the drug test when you could just abstain from smoking and pass it for sure.

  5. I was a urinalysis program coordinator for a while when I was in the US Marine Corp.

    THC is a tricky one. It can stay in your system for a few days up to a month. Alot all depends on you. Your skinny so it should burn through you fast. Fat people have a terrible time can last for months in there system actually. We had this overweight Marine who had actually stopped using it but was busted on it and everytime we did a piss test he would pop positive and it was like 2 months after he had used it. THC binds to fat molecules unlike other drugs. You have to burn the fat to get rid of it. Other drugs for the most part clear out of your system in 3-5 days. It also builds up in your system.

    In the DoDs case when a urinalysis is tested they first do the cup method with your sample. If its neg they through it out. If its positive they do it again. Positive they run a mass spectrometer on it and match up the molecule with THC molecule then report a positive pop on a drug test. I am pretty sure that civilians do not run it though a mass spectrometer but only the cup/strip method. For that the kits at Walmart/Walgreens are about the same sensitivity.

    There are some ways to ruin a piss test sample. One way is to have your finger coated in Ajax or Comet and put your finger in the cup. That will ruin the batch.

    Its my experience that you are not really monitored per say when you do the sample. Usually you go into a bathroom that they use for it. They make you empty out your pockets usually tell you to go in fill it up and bring it back.
    There is no supplement either that speeds up the process of you getting it out of your system.

    If I were you I would run myself into exhaustion everyday, swim etc. Buy the cup test yourself in a week or two then again. You should be fine.

    Also there is no drug contrary to popular belief that flush's your system. You have to burn the actual fat molecule that the THC has bonded itself with. Don't burn that you pop, burn that you test negative.

    That was how it was all explained to me when I was getting certified to do the urinalysis program anyhow.

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