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quick Drug test question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Phish6709, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. Ok so I'm going to have to take monthly at home drug tests for a while. I've been trying to think of a way to beat them and I decided adding something would be my best bet since I will not be watched. I've heard a couple of different things that can be added.

    Can anyone confirm the validity of adding visine to the piss?

    What about bleach?

    If anyone has any other suggestions please let me know. Remember, this is a home drug test.

    I also thought that since it's a home test I can get warm tap water And some yellow food dye? Anyone know if home tests are that stupid?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. That could be an option for an at home test. Unless the shit has some kind of "water only" indicator.

    And no bleach doesn't work.
  3. just get a friend to piss in a condom for you... home tests are inaccurate
  4. Well shit, have someone piss for you. Put it in a bottle and put it in yo bafroom closet and ba-da-bing-ba-da-boom.
  5. I've heard home tests are quite easy to get around. To be honest I'd just buy some of the home tests myself and then buy some 420 solution or watever from ur local headshop and see what works best.
  6. I had many friends that just Macgyvered up their own wizzinator type devices =]
  7. Thanks these answers have been helpful. But there's one problem with using a friends piss. The test could come at anytime so I may not be able to get to my friends piss. This why visine or bleach or the yellow water method would be good for me. Anymore suggestions?
  8. lol bro just get a friend to piss for u beforehand.. like today? so then ur ready.

  9. I meant like if my dad says it's time for a test I may not be able to go into my room to get my friends piss. But if visine worked I could just always keep a bottle in my pocket.
  10. Log off, if someone can force you to piss you're not 18. Sorry.
  11. Actually I am 18. I'm a senior in hs and like most seniors that I know, I would not be in a good situation if I got kicked out of the house.

    Good try though
  12. Liar.
    Good try though.

  13. Don't really know why your so sure about this but ok. I don't really feel like arguing with you about something that your just guessing about. Please don't post again unless you actually have a contribution.

    So if anyone else can help with my original question it would be much appreciated.

    Also does anyone know for sure if using water and yellow food dye will pass a home test?

  14. Ok well first off ever single one of your posts that I have seen your being a dick, some people are 18 and still live in their houses and would prefer to not get kicked out. I am 18 a freshman in college and still live at my house, if my parents found out I smoked I wouldn't be surprised if my options were take a drug test or leave.

    Now for the OP you could try just peeing in the cup and diluting it with some water, I have heard that that works. Never tried it myself though.
  15. you could go buy a couple of those tests and experiment, they're only $15 each. there is also quick fix synthetic urine you can buy

    I would personally tell my dad that weed is no big deal, he is majorly propagandized and should fuck off and worry about himself now since you are a grown ass man.
  16. Fuck, i swear it's like a witch hunt looking for under 18 year olds. If you don't have anything to offer the OP, then don't post, and if you are going to post something that isn't going to help, atleast make it funny, and not douchebaggery.:smoking:

    OP, i'd go with the 420 solution, go to a head shop and pick some up.
  17. Bleach does work, used it dozens of time and passed no problem, although the smell is obvious as hell. Also i have passed smoking the day before but drinking a gallon of cranberry juice over a two hour period before the test.
  18. do you know what kind of test your parents are gonna get? because if its just some shitty one the water and food coloring would probably work. it would probably be easiest to get a friend to piss for you and just hide it in the bathroom somewhere. and if he asks you to piss when you dont have it ready just shit in the cup and tell him you are confused haha.

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