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quick drug test passing guide explained.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by mystonedmind, Jan 24, 2014.

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    thc is fat soluble, that is why it can potentially stay in your system for a long time. the thing about thc tests thats so scary is you never know if it will come back negative or positive. i have tested negative after smoking the day before so its a dice roll. but if you want to be safe-
    1. vitamins. copious amounts of vitamins. dont overdo it and kill yourself though. the way that vitamins clean the thc out is the same way they kill you. they build up in your fat cells until toxic levels are reached. they will push out all the thc and it will dissipate at the same rate of a non-fat soluble, water-soluble drug. what we want to do is take lots and lots of multivitamins for a few days. do your own research here but i only took up to 2 or 3 if i was doing it for more than a day and i think as many as 5 for a single dose but that could be dangerous so dont fuck around. 
    2. dillution. in most cases a dilluted ua is a dirty ua but in some its not and thats gonna be your best bet. pee until your piss is like aquafina and then pee some more. they will test the creatine levels and be able to see obviously that its dilluted though. if you cant dillute it then drink smaller amounts of water but go to the bathroom the same amount of time. drug metabolites build in your sleep so the first few pees of the day will be the most metabolite filled. generally a semi-clear yellowish color is ideal for this but be careful not to drink to much at once. i have peed a few tiems in a day, made sure it was yellow, drank a bunch of water before the ua because its hard to pee while someone watches you and it came out clear. 
    3. test taking tactics. basically you want to use the part of your pee stream that has the smallest number of metabolites. start it in the toilet bowl then move to the cup, fill it up as much as you want then pee the rest into the toilet because the last of it has as many metabolites than the first bit. 
    4. how long to wait. this all depends on how much you smoke. if its not every day a week should be fine. maybe like 2-3 times a week. as little as 2-3 days can be needed but its very risky. once every 2 weeks or less wont even show up probably. heavy daily use is anybodys guess, the heavier you are the more dramatically longer it will stay. if youre under 150, taller than 5'6-7 you shouldnt have any problems after 2 weeks. once you get into the big guys though like 200+ pounds even with dillution theres a good chance you will test positive for up to a month or more. 
    5. everything else is bullshit. there is nothing that is any better or worse than water, except things like coffee that make you have to pee more often. but its not necessary and its more unhealthy to drink things like cranberry juice and such because you will have to drink so much you will be drinking more than a 2l of sodas sugar. and DETOX DRINKS DONT FUCKING WORK OKAY. they say take with 8-10 glasses of water. thats basically like spending a ton of money on something that just says drink water dipshit. 
    i only posted this because theres so many posts on here about drug tests and theyre all fucking retarded

  2. Congrats you posted something everyones probably seen on here a thousand times already. Your post literally says everything all the other posts say only difference is yours sounds less educated
  3. Vitamins a, d, e & k are the fat soluble vitamins. Its never save to megadose vits, but the water solubles (mainly b vits) will just be excreted. Vitamins don't push out THC. Also, the more water soluble vitamins you take, the less you absorb. Its a weird pathway. Don't give kids bad info.
  4. This actually works. I passed a test similar to that given to me by my probation officer. Go to the grocery store and buy certo. It is fruit pectin and should be in the same aisle as jello. While you are there by a 32 oz bottle of lemon lime Gatorade and vitamin b pills (if clear looking pee would be a problem). 2-3 hours before your test, mix one package of the certo with the Gatorade and down it. Make sure to take one or two sips before putting the certo in so it doesn't overflow. It doesn't taste too bad but it's kinda thick. Next, you have to drink 3 bottles of water. Poland spring, store brand, whatever you have laying around. Down these three bottles in the time you have before your test. Make sure to pee 3 times before you test. Take 4 b vitamins with the waters if you need your urine to be yellow. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity ForumSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum

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