Quick diagnosis, please!

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  1. The tips of my plant are starting to darken in color and curve, why? Any help will be appreciated greatly!
  2. Try to post some pics, please.
  3. Picture 1 [​IMG]

    Picture 2 [​IMG]

    Thanks again for the help.
  4. They look to me like their feet are to wet. What medium are you growing in? That looks like classic overwatering to me.
  5. I'll take your word, because it has rained here everyday for a solid hour, and its not a drizzle, it's more like a monsoon. What I will do before it rains again is move the 5gal under my patio, any other suggestions?
  6. I am not sure what you have them potted in, as far as growing medium. I have come to be a real lover of coco peat, coco core what ever you want to call it. I would suggest repotting them into a better draining medium. I use a mixture of 50% coco, 40% organic potting soil (I like FoxFarm Ocean Forest), 5% course sand and 5% perlite. I also add 1/2 of fine. powdered dolomite lime to maintain soil PH. I have found it really hard to over water with this formula and yet it still retains enough water that they won't dry out to quickly. I also avoid letting rain water get on my plants if possible, rain water tends to have a ver low PH. I bring my girls inside my grow room when it rains, so they never see a day that isn't sunny. I also drill dozens of small holes (like 1/4") all around the perimeter of my bucket. This helps with drainage, airation annd helps to prevent the roots from wrapping around the inside of the pot. Also make sure you have an inch or two of drain rock at the bottom with lots of drainage holes.
  7. Thats 1/2 a cup of lime per gallon of growing medium btw. I am trying to get some picture posted on here some where so you can see what my plants look like.

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