quick decision....to water or not to water..& unrelated ?

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  1. ok here is the quick run down. i just transplanted my babies from red cups into 8" pots. But, i ran out of water and the majority of them havent been watered in the new pots. The soil from the lil red cups is very, very moist, but like i said the surrounding soil in the new pots isnt wet at all. I am leaving for work now (3 pm)....i get home at 10 pm....is it a good idea to go water them 2nite, instead of waiting for tomarro morn. ill be home by 10 so hopefully ill get a lil feedback by then. Should i do it 2nite or can they wait til 2marro....also. unrelated.......are these forums safe to talk on? i know it isnt wrong to talk aobut stuff, but can they be used against someone?>
  2. 2nite or in the morning? i dont think it makes a diff
  3. you're fine either way.
  4. you "ran out of water"?
  5. yeah it matters when you water because its good if you have a tight schedule on your plants. if its been really hot i would water tonight because..................... the plant soaks up the water at night when its sleeping and stretching and doing whatnot (putting food into vacuoles that kinda sh*t) and in the morning it will focus energy on growing foliage.

    but to answer your question, I wouldn't water at all for at least a day or two. I know how those lil red solo cups are and its hard to get them to drain right, you gotta have really perfect soil that doesnt get muddy for it to work right. The roots need air and if they ain't gettin air then you gotta serious problem. The new soil should suck some of the water out and at least moisten the soil around the plant. water it if the soil is wet that the roots are in, dont water it just to let the soil settle, you'll overwater your plant like that and she will think he hates you and that you wanna dround her and she'll fall over dead from all the stress you gave her from adding just that little bit extra water to make the soil look nice and evenly moist.
    lol dont take that too seriously its just a joke....​

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