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quick couple questions

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Ice, Apr 3, 2003.

  1. ok to start the room is 4x4 and kept at 75degrees , i have a 4oo watt mhalide set up , i have 8 babies , going on 2 weeks now into grow the largest plant is 3 1/2 inches now , but when i checked them this mornin my largest plants bottom 2 round leaves arent as green as they have been , kinda like a greenish yellow. i thought maybe over watering or not watering enough , but i have those water meters that sticks in the soil and tells u how moist it is, and according to that all is well , havent started to use ferts yet , so i know its not that , anyone got any ideas , and should i be worried? and 2 more questions , i read unoit's grow journal which was gr8 since im doin the bubbler system also , but at what age or height is it ok to transplant into the bubblers ? and also i was told to get some fetrs , red , green and purple i think it was , i cant find anything like it around here , only place i can find it is on net , and i cant purchase from net , so my question is will just a regular plant food solution work in the bubbler system?cuz i have several diff mixes of ferts , by this i mean i have one that is 20-20-20 , 10-5-10 , and also have one that is 12-5-6.anyone got any ideas? and thanx again for all the earlier help everyone, i looked in the guides , but it realy doesnt say what u can use , it only says what that perticular grow guide recomends
  2. don't'll loose those leaves anyway....and later into the grow you'll probably loose the bottom fan leaves as for why they are yellowing....maybe due to lack of nitrogen......i don't grow hydro so don't quote me on this.....i was thinking that if it is a nitro problem, then the 12-5-6 fert would be best....but your plants are only like 2 weeks i would use a 1/4 strength...........but don't do anythying as long as the yellowing doesn't spread to the other leaves..... it should be ok.Peace out.......Sid
  3. ok well i did all the soil tests , its high in the p , i should have said at the moment they are in a mix of soil composed of peat moss , perlite,seed starting soil , and blood meal, with a dash of sterile manure, i havent transplanted to bubbler yet that was one of my questions , when do u think it safe to put it in the bubbler?sorry sid didnt mean to throw ya off the way i worded that first thread heh :) my bad , you know what else i found that i thought was kinda weird , im useing just seeds from a sack so i dont waste a good seed if i mess up , but i pulled all 8 seeds from same sack , and ended up with 5 sativa , and 3 indica is what i thought was kinda weird , i guess i figured they woulda been all the same ya know
  4. possibly happened due to someone growing both sativas and indicas in the one room.....and the female got pollinated by both a sativa and an indica......just a thought...Peace out..........Sid
  5. hey sid i got one more question for ya bro ,i decided on getting another light set up for my flower room, hps this time , what do you think is better , a horizontal, or vertical hung light or does it even matter?
  6. ..always horizontal, unless you've got no choice with a 1000W and you've got to get a vertical reflector.
  7. ok kewl thanks vatoloco , not doin 1000 wts , got a mhalide 1000watt im gettin rid of now , goin for another 400 watt , but i appreciate all the help from everyone, so thanks all very much :)

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