quick CFL question, need a fast answer!

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  1. I just transplanted my 1 week and 4 day old seedlings into 3 gallon pots...

    I have a 600w ready to use when I flower (I really wanna use CFLs to veg with)

    soil grow, using fox farm ocean soil... no nutes yet...

    I have 5200 lumens on one plant, and probably around 3500-4000 on the other...

    I gotta run out and buy some more CFLs...

    how many CFL lumens would I need per plant? I have the CFLs very close to the plant, remember I'm just wanting to veg them with CFLs before I switch them over

    thanks guys and gals

  2. I think the rule is at least 100 of true watts (not the incandescent equivalent) for one plant and an additional 30 watts per plant assuming the plants are close together enough the get covered all the lights.
  3. you want to keep the cfl's like, two or three inches above the plants..
    but as far as how many cfl lumens you need... lumens are a standard form of measurement for light. hps lumens and cfl lumens are rated the same. one just puts off more.
  4. If you trully have 5200 lumens and 4000 lumens per plant then you should be just fine.

    Optimal level is about 3000 lumens per square foot. So you are well above that.
  5. hey!


    I have 2 40w CFLs on 1 of my plants bringing it to 5200 lumens...

    I have another 2 40w CFLs on 1 other plant, bringing it to 5200 lumens.

    and finally on my third plant, I have 1 CFL that is 2600 and 2 other small CFLs that are 23 watts which are 1600 each... total for that is 5800 lumens...

    is it possible for me to veg these three plants with these current lights to a height of 10 inches?

    they are all about 3-3.5 inches now...

    I then have my 600w HPS Hortilux bulb with lumatek ballast waiting!

    I have even thought, maybe next friday, take down some of the CFLs, and go ahead and use the 600w HPS for vegging... (just trying to save a little money by using the CFLs)

    any help, tips, hints, tricks, would be appreciated ;-)

  6. I wouldn't move the lights up any further. 10 inches with CFLs is bound to cause some stretching.

    Personally, I would use the 600W HPS. Although not ideal for vegging you will achive better light penetration with it. In the end you may also find that it is cheaper or of similar cost to operating all of those CFLs.

    Good luck.
  7. nooo I want to veg them until they are 10 inches tall!

    I have all the CFLs within 2 inches of the plants!


  8. Sorry, misunderstood. :smoke:
  9. so they should be okay like this for awhile right?

    I'm hoping when I turn on the HPS next week, they'll really really perk up...

    what you think?

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