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Quick cannaoil question

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by noblebeast, May 3, 2011.

  1. How much oil would you suggest for 50 grams of material?
  2. I think a pint...
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    I usually do 2 cups of oil per ounce. So I get about 100 cookies (usually 96-112) depending. Which gives you about ~1/4g per cookie.

    I have a chart somewhere I made but basically figure out how much you want per cookie, get your recipe and do the math.

    I pre weigh my cookies to 8-10g depending on how many I want 96-112 again. And then I know the exact dose, and I can titrate much easier either have a 1/4cookie for morning a half in afternoon or a staggered full in the evening. I like to eat half then once i feel the cookie an hour later I eat the other half or I eat a 1/4 then another 1/4 an hour later.

    EDIT Found chart:

  4. Would a cup per ounce work? i want them to be strong.

  5. Probably I would use a coffee grinder to grind it really well though. Normal batch of cookies is 2 cup of oil though.
  6. I would say 2 cups for a really really strong mix. I use a oz of abv weed for 1 cup of oil. So it would be just as strong. Not really strong enough for me, but for some reason my friends can get absolutely blazed off of one bite, I just must have a crazy tolerance to edibles.

  7. 1 oz of Buds in 2 cups of oil should blow away 1 oz of ABV in 1 cup of oil. I have made plenty of ABV oil in the past.
  8. really? because I was under the impression that when using ABV weed all you need to do is double up the recipe? Did I hear wrong?

  9. Well it will never be the same, it will have different cannabinoid ratios. Plus it will depend on what temp you vaped at etc. I would use 2-3 times the ABV amount as nice buds.

    I primarily use edibles I also vape and smoke.
  10. As a general rule i always use at least 3x as much. A vape extracts about 70 % of the goodies from the plant, thus leaving about 1/3 potency. I've used this ratio many times and has worked good
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    Damn! Then I need to really grind my shit up better because last time when I made that oz in 1 cup I had to add a little extra oil because it didn't cover it all.
  12. That's one reason I like making cannabutter with it. You can add water and control it better and I think best way to use vaped weed

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