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quick cannabutter question

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by cmtd93, May 3, 2011.

  1. If i use 7 grams of some dank nug in one cup of butter will i need to use the whole cup of butter in my muffin recipe? one recipe i was going to use calls for only 5 tablespoons of cannabutter to make 12 muffins. will that be enough butter to get high off one muffin?
  2. Use your cannabutter for wherever the recipe calls for regular butter. 7gs for one cup of butter is way too much though. Try 1g per 1/3 cup. Perhaps muffins aren't the best idea
  3. yea dude, that would get you an over kill high, waaayyy tooo stoned
    tone that down just a bit, depending on actual quality of bud.
  4. haha wow well thats great to hear.. The buds super keify, trichomes everywhere, so how many grams would you use in the cannabutter recipe for one cup? Why dont you think muffins would be a good idea Euphoria?
  5. one cup? maybe like 3.5 or 4, in that area would be pretty good.
    maybe 5 for a good batch.:confused:
  6. perfect.. looks like im making a batch tonight and i think ill put 4 in for the first time
  7. fuck yea dude, good luck on that shit

    [ame=]YouTube - Augustus Pablo - 555 Dub Street[/ame]

    listen to that on your way in.. or while your flyin
  8. I made some delicious brownies with a chocolate chip cookie swirl.. ive got my class of milk so here we go wish me luck!

  9. come back and let us know how it went dude!! im gonna be making some cannabutter very soon, with a big batch of stems n shit.
  10. I use 12g to 1 cup of butter. Always potent. I never use trim, only buds.
  11. They were great!!! went for a hike with a couple buddies at a near by park and was stoned the whole time!!

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