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  1. So this girl i texted a few times always posts on Tumblr and shit how shes bored and wants to chill with somebody and what not... So she posts this:

    "anyone wanna talkk?

    I'm lonely and stuff

    no ones answering my texts :c"

    So I make a text post 20 minutes later:

    "Yo I've got a bag full of caramels, three different types of flavored pretzel bits. (Cheddar Cheese, Bacon, and Honey Mustard), AT LEAST 3 left over egg rolls in the fridge and a slew of awesome movies.

    Anyone want to chill? :["

    and she replies to it:

    "…that sounds so good D:"

    So... do I text her and invite her over? I'm a big pussy. So. Is that like an open invitation? Confused.
  2. That depends, how she look?

  3. Sort of like Monica from Friends.

    I'd post a pic, but I don't want to be a total creeper.
  4. Yeah she sounds pretty hot then.

    I'd just post something like "ok see you in 20" that could either be interpreted as joking or serious so you don't look like a total buffoon if she's not interested

    Also do you already have her number? Cause if you do (assuming she actually gave it to you herself and willingly) it's not like you're a total creeper for asking if she wants to chill. If you don't already have it you might come off desperate for asking for it. I dunno though, I'm fucking awful at interacting with people
  5. it gets better!

    She posts this next:

    "someone come join my no pants party.

    I have popcorn, oreos, ice cream, honey nut cheerios

    and we can cuddle too and stuffs

    anyone? "

    So I say "can I bring my caramels...? :]"

    and now I'm waiting for a response I guess....

    Shit this might be a good night!

  6. I would totally text her, but my phones been dead for days, the charger broke a few days ago...
  7. That sounds pretty dam slutty but good luck man keep us updated what happens.
  8. what are you like a freshman in high school hahah...mannn you better get that and stop being shy better now than later
  9. Are you going to keep updating us and ask for advice? Invite her over and smash, nobody here can give you better advice. :smoke:
  10. You said she looks like Monica? Better fucking hit that.
  11. you should ask her if she has any balls coz you forgot yours.

    hahah. you might get some though, who knows. sounds like she's just attention seeking though. she probably wouldn't post that shit on facebook as an open invitation for sex. just to turn guys on and shit. common internetslag tactic.
  12. Idk man, didn't post something else like "shit, shit shit"?

  13. Shit man... shit :smoke:
  14. She just sounds like a hoe that makes these statuses to see how many likes and comments she gets

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