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QUick and easy ways to make a pipe from household items????

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by JEI3US, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. I let my "friend" borrow my pipe and he hasnt given it back because his cheap ass cant drive to me so I must wait until tomorrow when I see him at work. Yesterday I tried making a water bottle pipe and it sucked ass. Any ideas of what i can make or use as a pipe?
  2. Apple pipe is the besttt, it's actually really smooth and not unhealthy.

    Use a potato if you don't have any apples
  3. I dont have any fruits. I used my noggin and made a pretty cool pipe using a pen, a socket, and a screen from a cooking thing my mom had that is like a screen lol (ill buy her a new one later). This will be my last resort pipe ha ha! Ill post pics tomorrow.
  4. Make sure that screen is steel buddy.
  5. Just heard using potatoes? how it feels? maybe I'll try:hello:
  6. make one out of an apple or just roll a fuckin joint papers cost 2 dollars.

  7. Whatever it is it's purpose was to cook something in boiling water so im sure it wouldnt be bad to smoke with.
  8. Here you go mate, I made this ages ago. I hope it help and gives you some ideas.

    This is for all the people who can't afford to but piece's.

    A step by guard. I hope it helps people out. And even people with pieces will give it ago.

    Okay what you need is an empty Coke bottle, A Coke can and a elasticated band.

    First of cut top and bottom off coke can so It will look like a pipe. Then cut a straight line down the middle of it so its like rectangle sheet of metal, roll this up so I will look like a cig. (This is your pipe).Now get the bottle take the lid off and label. Put a hole in it about 3 quarters down, now put your pipe in the hole. Fill up bottle with water so it will cover the hole by about 5cm. Then get the elastic band and put it around the neck of bottle and pipe so it will look like a figure '8' (This is to support the pipe.)

    What most people do is put a bit of Tobacco in it as a plug then put about as much weed on as your little finger nail.

    Then basically do the same action as a bong.

    Now Here is your 'Shotty' Used in England as a cheap man's bong. Highly effective easy to use and get you very high. Reason its called a shotty I believe is because its a one hitter.

  9. GBs my dude. A few GBs will get you blitzed.
  10. Easiest pipe in the world, probably easier than an apple pipe.
    You need:
    -Empty pringles container
    -Bowl piece (Actual bowl, socket, etc.)
    -Knife, sicssors, or something pointy.

    1. Put the bowl piece through the pringles container near to closed off end. Make sure it's relatively air tight.

    2. Put a hole in the metal bottom. Small enough to cover with your thumb, or hand.

    VOILA. Easy to make steamroller. I've used mine over and over and over, and I get huuuge hits. If you can't make this shit then I pray for you my friend.

  11. could be aluminum, covered in a nonstick coating...and it was intended to be IN WATER, not have higher temps like a flame and burning plant matter on it....

    use the apple as mentioned, a potato, even a damned carrot works..but no aluminum or plastic, and sockets have grease in them, that little ball bearing is LUBED people...grease behind it, in its little hole...

    don't be stupid kids... use your brains for something other then filling that skull cavity;)
  12. Make a gravity bong, because most household shit you don't want to smoke out of unless you're a greasy 12 year old fiending to get high and smoking out of a can.
  13. Hey im not a greasy12 year old but ive been smoking so long I cant sleep without a midnight toke.
  14. Pack of papers is your best bet.

  15. I fall asleep quite well with the ganja.

    But I can sleep just as well without it :hello:

    I've been smoking for nearly a year. :D

    I am gonna have to control my intake later in life :smoke:

  16. Apple is the easiest, an when you do it right you don't need any outside objects to use as a bowl. Can just carve one into the apple.

    I prefer a carrot pipe to be honest though, much better if you ask me. Sturdier and looks like an actual pipe.
  17. When I make an apple pipe I use a dime to carve out a bowl and then use stems for my filter. I also put the apple in the freezer 30 min before use.

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