Quick 600W HPS question please //(. )( .)\

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  1. Need support please! I've just got my 600w Hps and the temperature is rising realy fast in there soon upp to 100 farenheit. Ive got a space of 3 fot wide 3 fot deep and 7 fot high. With 2 fans blowing/ocilating in there.. doesnt sems to help at all!! Ive got an air/room machine cooler that can cool down a room thats about 50squarefeet. so I use that now to chill down the air in there to about anywhere from 18- 30 celsius! Funny thing is that the room cooler is as big as the whole f&%&¤ closet grow!! Is it possible to went in more air with my bathroom "faan" (cooler) Ive got there... good damn its getting warm in there and the light shines bright now !!!! OUT on the street so Im hoping no one get the feeling on whats going on in here (appartment) ... caan I decrease the heat in some way else then with my 1000-1500 w aircooler "AC". Shoud the 600w HPS be at some distance from my plants? 2 feet or so ??
    Be greatfull for all help! Thanks all!!!
  2. I think you need to get that room cooled down quick so that you can harvest your weed, sell it and then buy a Hooked On Phonics kit. 1-800-ABC-DEFG. Hope this helps you out bro:D
  3. id suggest a ruckinline fan extraction unit which comes in alot of diffrent sizes (i use 12'')

    also u'll need to vent out that g/r to clear the hot are out fast so piping will be needed also.

    a deskfan won't be enuff but u can use that in combination with ur vent to speed up airflow as it will be hotter in there during veg as the plant is lower the hot air has further to raise.

    u might need a voltage unit also to regulate ur new extraction unit's speed they make alot of noise on full i run mine at a quater of the speed

    remember to have your vent at the top of the g/r as hot air rises.

    not a good idea to let ppl outside see ur lights XD is there a window in your g/r or somthing?

    you can tell when ur plant needs more light as it will raise its leaf higher towards the lamp it is a good idea to start high then lower when u see them do this

  4. Ok, thanks Deniro... I'll just throw in my 20" faan there too, it doesnt make so much sound as the AC does! hope that helps.. because my plant turned out to just hang straight down in a few minutes.. so I had to turn the Hps off... to change the shedule to daytime lighting so my girl can check out the plants while Im at work. (because this is some serious light (dont need any neibours to sneek around, to see whats going on in those HIGH LIGHTED WINDOS) from closet grow. Im going to read more about this 600w's There is cooltubes that can be made by myself?! // ClubCueCas

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