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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by VeryDisturbed, May 14, 2011.

  1. Yea sorry if it has been asked a thousand times before. I was looking all over to get this answered.

    So I will be doing a few outdoor girls in Oregon weather. Yerp I said oregon, Rain Rain Rain, May be some clouds may be some sun, who knows.

    Weather is very twisted this year.

    I have Clones I would like to put outdoor's. When I go to transplant them do I have to do what I did with all my other plants "Vegi's/Herbs" and put them in a shady spot for a 3-4 day's and gradually transition them? or Will it depend on the strains? They are very Hearty plants just clones atm but very strong now. Link in my sig to check them out. Bonsai Mums. Let me know.
  2. Im bringing clones outside as well! just give it a few hours a day of direct light, or make a bio-dome, to filter the light. i dont think genetics has much to to with switching light sources? but i could be wrong seeing some plants like it hotter than others.
  3. IMHO .. .. you dont need to ease them out .. .. If your really worried about it toss em out on a cloudy day

    So thats anyday of the week out there ;) lol

    I stick 1 week old seedlings out into direct light without issue ..

    These plants are quite hardy and can take a lot .. .. And if they are well established you will be fine to just toss em out ..
  4. Alright thanks! I might give them some Silica before I put them out.

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