questons about pre-flowers/going into flowering??

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    Ok i am growing a plant that i used the LST method! she is about a month and 3 weeks old... She just showed her pre-flowers about 4 days ago, and she is a female(thank god) and i was wondering how long after she shows her pre-flowers will it take to go into the full flowering cycle??My first plant was a sativa a friend gave me and really stressed the plant out took allmost 6 months of flowering to finish(still wasnt done). This plant is a full on indica with thick leaves

    This is my second grow and she is doing alot better than my last plant! She has about 5 top colas, and about 15 little popcorn sites on her!

    thanks and if u would like pictures tell me and illl get some!!
  2. how long has she been on 12/12? usually after about a week or 2 of 12/12 she will start to really take off

  3. She has been in 12/12 for a week now(really 11/13) and shown pre-flowers(female) about days into 12/12(whatever)

    about 3 days after that, the flowers are getting bigger..kinda

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