Questons about fertilizer/water/sugar pics!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by danielvv3, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. This is my second grow as to date! My first grow i got a little bit over an 1/8th but i didnt know what i was doing. My queston is;are there any things i can put into the water for nutes from the house because i dont have any money to buy stuff!! she is in 12/12 now for a week and showing pre flowers! I have herd some people put sugar into the water but make sure to let it sit like a day or two...and also i heard main thing was nitrogen for flowering..what can i get that out of ?? well here is the pics of her thanks? NO flaming :gc_rocks:
  2. this is a fantastic looking plant. big congrats.
  3. on side note. REALLY WATER DOWN...... your pee,high nitro and other things put a touch of peroxide in it and water it down and dump it in your plants soil..
  4. so your saying like a cup of my pee to maybe 2 gallons of distilled water or more? this is only temp ill have more money in like a month but by then she will be well into flowering
  5. more like cup of pee to 6 or 7 gallons lol it works just kinda some people find it gross to use your pee.... i mean what do they think fertilizes the food they eat everyday... air? LOL

    ohh imo. its completely safe cause no foul taste or odors, for about 15 year there was a few states that had farmers spraying human poop and pee on their crops. ya sounds gross but the crops were bigger and healthier. LOL
  6. yea i see what ya mean it sounds nasty but thats what people use cow manuer or however u spell it...umm ima try to find other things that i can use to but i donno yet
  7. I wouldn't really recommend pee when other sources of N are so easy and cheap. You really can't spare $10-$15 for a bottle of grow-big or it's equivalent?

    You do not want N for flower, you want P & K. N is for veg, which it looks like you have been doing for a while (great job BTW, very healthy looking plant). For flowering you can buy unsulfured molasses in the baking isle of your favorite supermarket. It is $3-5 for a pint at my local supermarket and I put about a tablespoon in a gallon of water once a week or so during flower (so a single pint will cover your plant through it's entire run most likely).

    But again, a bottle Tiger Bloom (which is the FF flower nute) is only $10-$15. If you can beg, borrow, or steal $20 get the molasses and the Tiger Bloom and use em both (which is what I do).


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