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  1. ok ive been growing for a while and have asked some specific questions already and just came up with 2 more. they are pretty much cross board so if you dont know the answer to one of em pls answer those you can. any help is appreciated!

    1. I read that leaves which curl over, especially at the ends and are brown are a result from over-fertilising them.

    My leaves curl down slightly at the front but are not brown and i doubt i have overfertilised seeing as i only planted a few of these sticks like 2 weeks ago with nitrogen in them. could this just be a natural reaction to the weight of them growing too fast?

    2. Is it obvious when I have an insect problem, like a big one or does it creep up on you really sneekily?

    cos i read that the worst case are small white pathces on your leaves as a result of a particularily nasty insect. I then proceeded to panic and checked all my leaves to find i couldnt tell the difference between the small little pollen dust that falls on them sometimes and what could be an insect attack.
  2. 1. You could just be overwatering your plants. The tips will take a claw shape when this happens. It could be somthing else but with out a picture couldn't tell you for sure.

    2. If you have holes in your leaves due toa insect biting it then you have a insect problem. If you don't have any damage to your plant don't worry about it.
  3. 1. yes i think its overwatering which i have noticed i do too often. thx for the help though!

    2. I think i have an insect problem as my leaves seem to be partially containing small white dust particles and one or two i noticed to have a tiny hole in them.
    is that a mite?

    I read that to take care of them i need a solution of 1 gallon of water and a tablespoon of bleach and simply spray it on the leaves. is there a specific bleach i must use or is any fine???

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