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  1. does the soil u use make a diffrence.
    mix4..towards cocogro?
    is there a difference ? would it make the outcome differrence?

    how long can i flower for?

    i never really got an answer for this so ill ask again

    does the number of plants under each light make a difference?
    so if i had 9 plants under a 1000watt light in 5 gallon pots, would it grow bigger and better towards a light having 16 pots under the 1000watt light in 5 gallon pots?

    please help me out getting frustrated, ive wasted alot of money and getting really crappy results.
  2. I think the soil has to do with the nitrogen and other things in it. Get soil for growing tomatoes.You flower till theyre ready for harvest. look up when to harvest and youll find info on that.Yes 9 plants under a 1000 watt hps is better then 16 because they will be fighting for the light i guess.
  3. kduong, these questions have been answered many times on this forum, but here goes...

    Yes, the soil you use makes a difference. The key is that it not come pre-fertilized, especially time-released ferts if you are using HID. Any "organic" potting soil that is free of ferts is fine. You want it to have good drainage so add in about 10% perlite if it doesn't have it mixed in already. There are some good organic soil amendments you can mix in such as worm castings. Without proper drainage you can get root rot and other problems. With pre-ferts you can burn and kill your plants.

    Flower until the plants are ready to harvest, which is at peak time between when the trichs are mostly cloudy to when they are mostly amber. That is often around 8 weeks of 12/12 but could be a little earlier or could be up to several weeks later, depending on the strain and conditions.

    The fewer plants you grow under a given light the better the results for each plant. You can keep them more directly under the light and they will get better penetration below the top canopy if they aren't all crammed together.

    Hope that helps.
  4. thanks that helps alot

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