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  1. I have a 7x7 room with 13 plants 7 afghan kush riders and 4 unknown plants they are the taller ones and also a Colombian gold and a white rhino. The ph levels are at 6.2-6.5. My question is the shriveled ugly almost dead or dead plant. I'm not sure what exactly happened. The plants are about a hour and a half from my house. I go to check on them every two days. I was there Saturday an everything was great then I came on Monday and this is what I walked into. Not sure what happened. I'm very new to growing and not exactly sure about everything. I touched the soil and it was damp but all these plants have had the same treatment. So I'm not sure what happened. Any help???? It would greatly appreciated.

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  2. Hi guys im new here an first time grower. i 1 plant an its tips are turning yellow an i took my 100 halogen light off cuz room was to hott how do i fix my baby, an will a 23w cfl bulb equi.100w be enough for one plant
  3. hey bro, you might want to try and raise your ph to 6.5 minimum. anything lower than that, you start having cal/mag def when you run in soil. how often do you water? are you letting the pots get fairly dry before you water again? if you are watering all of them everyday you see them, your probably watering to much for some of them.
  4. a 23w cfl usually isn't a 100w equivalent. but the answer is, prob not. at least not for the whole grow. your gonna want at least a few of those bad boys in there. check out they have some big ass cfls that you need mogul sockets for that are hid equivalent. meaning you but a 100wcfl, and it's as good as a 100w metal halide.
  5. I let the dirt crust up. Then I water the feeding them mixture of big bloom and grow big from fox farm and using ocean forrest soil.
  6. They are under a 1000 watt mh bulb. I'm just wondering what's up with te one plant. It just in a matter of two days wilted and looks damn near death.
  7. judging by the rest of your plants, your doing real well bro, so you may have just had a bad break on that plant you know. it just wasn't meant to be. i wouldn't worry to much about it, and maybe flush the rest of them the next time you can. flush until your ph is up to about 6.8 so you start taking in nutes at the higher end of the scale you haven't been getting. then let it slowly fall down to about 6.5 depending on how each strain reacts.
  8. Thanks man that means alot saying they look good. It's my first grow and I'm really nervous about the while deal. I'm in the process of building and quarantine room room just for growing. I have them in a really old trailer house right now but I'm trying to upgrade for sure so flush with just water for how many waterings? An then blast with nutes after this time period?
  9. the general rule of thumb for flushing is flush the plant with 3 times as much water as you have soil. so a 1 gal pot gets 3 gals of water. but really, just flush until your ph is where you want it. i always flush to about 7. then feed right after you flush, with your nutes ph adjusted to 6.8. all of this will be done in the same day, preferably within the same hour. flushing is a big pain in the ass, but its def a must for keeping your soil ph where you want.
  10. Don't hijack someone else's thread. It's easy to start your very own thread with your very own question without knocking the feet out from under someone else's question...
  11. git em toast!
  12. Thanks for the info and defending my post man. Appreciate it.
  13. Jbudz I appreciate the info I'm gonna do it tomorrow and post update pictures later this week
  14. I water them once a day with distilled water then i do a light spray twice a day, then have my light a above it. Also could you tell me why some my big leaves are three an others are five!

  15. the first picture is def magnesium deficiency..idk what much more you can do to fix it at that point, it's probably a goner:(
  16. Yeah it looks pretty pathetic. What do you use for magnesium def?
  17. get some nutes specifically designed for magnesium
  18. how can you tell if its magneium
  19. You start your OWN thread and ask the question. :mad:

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