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Questions ...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Thebluelotus, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. Okay , here is a little background to my case .
    I am 27 years old , having started smoking at 15 ( smoking on an average 4 joints a day since then ) . All this while I have maintained a good physical ( getting my first Dan in Taekwondo ) and mental health ( working as a computer programmer and sometimes having smoked a J or two at work ). However , this January I was down with a lower respiratory infection for more than a month and had since then not smoked .
    Yesterday , we had this concert and hence just before going , gave my hiatus a break .A joint and I was done . Weed has never got me so stoned ever in my life . At one point I was so tensed that I called my friend ( who had gave me the joint ) and asked whether It was spiked . To this he was laughing . I gave the concert a miss . Downed two litres of Coke and my months ration of pastries .
    There was a time during the high I went through cycles of extreme emotions ( sometimes getting very depressed sometimes laughing for hours ). I was this way for probably 8-9 hours .Overall , the high actually overwhelmed me . My questions

    1) Is it normal , if you stop smoking and then smoke after a long time , to get this high ...I mean 'fuck high'?
    2) Does infrequent marijuana use get you more high or is it all in the mind ? I like to get high but my current position makes it difficult for me to smoke on a regular basis . I would like to smoke once in a while without being all crazy .
    3) I had smoked using a vaporizer once and did not like it at all . I like smoking the old school way . Is a joint or two actually harmful to your health ? If yes is there any way to get round this ?
  2. Yeah its perfectly normal, if you smoke regulary you build up a tolerence so you get less high, thats why people take 1-2week T-breaks so they can get crazy high again.

    Its not exactly healthy seen as your inhaling burnt plant matter/paper but i doubt a joint or 2 a week is going to make a noticible impact on your health.
  3. 1) Oh yeah... that's the whole point of a T break. When I got out of the air force, my very first day a friend picked me up from the airport and handed me a pipe. I was a hardcore smoker back in the day, but a couple of hits and I felt like I'd taken a brick between the eyes. It was keen. I would do some deviant things for/to someone to get my tolerance back down that low.

    2) Again, yeah... if you keep your smoking level low, you keep your tolerance low. Using a pipe or some other smoking tool lets you dose more precisely... its a bitch to put a joint out and then try and relight it later, but its easy to just put half a bowl in a pipe/bong/etc.

    3) Eh. Any time you're inhaling partially burned carbohydrates, they're somewhat carcinogenic. But so is sunshine, auto exhaust, and probably most of the additives in the food you're eating. I, personally, have never heard of anyone having real health problems from being a joint smoker. Doesnt mean they don't exist, but you know if it was a common thing then the media outlets would be exploding in their pants waiting to expose the "cannabis cancer epidemic" and show just how evil our drug of choice is.

  4. That really helped .

    BTW I'd never put a joint out in my life . :D
  5. Being high enhances the mood that your in, if i do something simple like swimming, football, i am much more focused and relaxed, sometimes i can play better, anyone the same?
  6. I read that smoking 4 J's a day is equal to a pack of cigs? Someone confirm or deny this. I know I feel less healthy after smoking alot. Too many blunts... Gotta start working out again.
  7. Hahaha you are all good OP, happens to the best of us.... I've noticed a lot in people who are in their 40's or so on that used to smoke a LOT but dont on the regular, but still will light up...they seem to get more paranoid and have anxiety when they get REALLY high....maybe its just because the brain was so tolerant to it long ago and now has NO clue how to handle the high level you can get by lowering your tolerance completely.... My ex's uncle used to be a huge pot head when he was young, he still smoked, but only cheap ass low grade weed, so he wasnt..."getting there" you know... he smoked a bowl with us and he fucking freaked out, the next time, same thing....and so on for a while untill he re-adjusted... Like he thought cops were coming and everything acting like he was a 12 year old it was hilarious...

  8. I don't know about football or swimming but just floating in the water when stoned is amazing.
    It works well with martial arts specially during the learning phase but I would rather not be stoned in a spar .
    Oh I played hours of TT stoned .
  9. Just on that point...usually the reason many people try vapourisers and DON'T like them is on account of the fact they're used to smoking. Smoking DOES get you a quicker high, though vaping will last longer. Now, something important I want to mention here that people who smoke might not be aware of...that high you get from vapourising, the one that might feel really pathetic in comparison to smoking, it gets better. As your body becomes more used to absorption through this method a couple of things the first few weeks you WILL cough out some nasty shit...your lungs basically evacuate a lot of congestive material, it's gross. What's happening here though is that it's leaving your lungs in a better and more efficient condition to absorb vapour. Your lung capacity gradually increases too enabling you to take bigger, longer hits which will in turn improve things.
    Now, it could be the things I've mentioned above, or it could just be that it takes a while for your body and mind to adjust to a new method, but vaping...if you stick to your guns, and you DON'T go back to smoking, it gets better and better and better. I quit smoking almost completely (aside from the...every 2nd month, going out, sharing a joint) about 2 years ago now, and I am at a point where just one bowl of green loaded into my vapostar vapouriser gets used in a similar style to a bong, gives me about 6 large hits of vapour, I mean literally I breathe out fuckin' clouds, and after that I am GONE for hours, I also save my post-vape for making butter along with leaf/stem, and that's a whole other level of fucked up.
    People who first start vaping, after smoking, don't get these effects and I really wish they would...because while I love to advocate vapourisation, it's a bit of a hard sell to try and tell people "it'll get better, honestly it will", but it totally does.
    Even those who smoke and end up enjoying a vape, are still not at the same level I'm referring to...I know this because I've been DOES work in conjunction with smoking, but there's a ratio, the more smoking the less efficient. So while some that still smoke may love hitting the vapes, it's really nothing on vaping alone.

    I wonder - is there anyone here who has completely quit smoking and went over to vaping as myself, that could validate these points?
    If not, all is well - I'll just say that I'm not full of shit on this...I'm a lot healthier now, feel a lot better, my lung capacity has increased, and I get high as a motherfucker from vaping.

    Now, I only bought this up on account of what you said you went through after a break and then smoking again...if ever there's a time to seriously consider giving vaping a go, this would be it. It will have a milder effect, and you will be closer to experiencing the kind of high that I'm accustomed to if you were to start at this point, that and your tolerance is currently low so the difference will be less noticeable.

    Don't get me wrong, it still WILL be a process to go through but I guarantee it's a rewarding one, you come out the better for it.
    It will test your willpower, but if/when you get to where I'm at, it's just like those thoughts of "missing" smoking, even those vanish. Right now I actually dread even sharing a joint, on account of how shitty it tastes in comparison and how wretched my throat feels the next morning...haacccck...

    Anyways, there's me again advocating the use of a vapouriser - it would seem you're at an ideal starting point.

  10. Thanks , I think I will give vapourisers another shot .
  11. Smoked half a bowl today and it was awesome .It got me high but only to that level where I was comfortable . I like the fact that I have control over as to how much I smoke .
    Ordered a Vapir , hope to get it by next weekend , let us see how that works out .
    Just a question : Is there any convenient way to keep the 'fire going' in a pipe ?
    I do not mix tobacco with my weed ( dont get high that way) and it is quite a PIA to keep the bowl going by lighting it up after every pull.

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