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    DrugWarRant / Pete Guither / 09,08,2010

    Someone sent me a link to a blog. Now, it's pretty rare that I mention a blog that has only one post so far, but it's a pretty big post. The blog is Prop 19 Questions and the first post has… 850 questions. (I'm taking their word for it, I haven't counted them myself.)
    There are some good questions, and I actually started answering them, but after about 35, I got bored.

    There are a bunch that can easily be answered “No” or “Yes” just through plain reading of the text of the proposed law. There's also a large number that would be answered “depending on local regulations,” and a few where the answer would be “Yeah, lawyers are going to make some money on that one.”

    But there's also a considerable number where the answer is “Nobody knows. Just as with any new law or policy, we'll have to see what happens and adapt to situations as they arise.”

    After reading all the questions, I realized that there are some questions that have been left out!
    So here are my additions to the 850 questions about Prop 19

    1. If a major earthquake causes California to fall into the Pacific Ocean, will people be allowed to grow marijuana in domed undersea gardens as long as they're 25 square feet or less?
    2. If I put a tesseract on my 5′ by 5′ plot, can I then grow 25 square feet of marijuana in all four dimensions?
    3. If the earth is hit by a meteor and speeds up its orbit so that it goes around the sun in half the time, will the minimum age of 21 for using marijuana still be in effect, but allow young people to get there sooner?
    4. If you liquify your marijuana, is your one ounce allowance based on weight or by volume? What if it's pre-vaporized and has almost no weight?
    5. If a medical marijuana patient has fun consuming their medical marijuana, do they fall under medical marijuana laws or recreational marijuana laws?

  2. Prop 19 Questions

    I created this blog because I have many questions about what will happen if Proposition 19 passes in California. I hope to stimulate discussion on this issue and I welcome answers, opinions, and additional questions from anyone and everyone. If Proposition 19 passes, I think this blog will still to be useful to answer questions or discuss ongoing developments.

    September 5, 2010

    Initial questions

    The vote on Proposition 19 is less than two months away. I have a lot of questions about what might happen if Prop19 passes or fails. Right now I'm just brainstorming. I don't intend these questions to generate fear, uncertainty and doubt. I just hope that people imagine/consider possible scenarios and consequences if Prop 19 passes. If you laugh at some of these questions, please don't dismiss all of them. You can guarantee that criminals, homegrowers, corporations will look for loopholes in the law, and cops, lawyers, and judges will look for inconsistencies. What's the worse that could happen? What should local governments prepare for and expect? There are 850 questions below.

    Will homegrowers be able to grow (and keep) as much as they can in 25 square feet every month? Will the 25 square feet limits be enacted statewide? Can it be grown in plain view of the public? Will there be any cities/counties where it will be illegal to grow at home? What if cops see a minor tending a homegrow? Will medical growers be restricted to 25 square feet? Will any recreational homegrowers/sellers use medical marijuana cards as an excuse to grow in spaces larger than 25 square feet? Does harvesting count as processing? Will gangs and cartels take advantage of legal grow limits? Will they hire/employ more homegrowers? Can someone have 5 lbs of purchased weed inside their house as long as they also buy some plants to make it look like they're a personal grower? Will possession limits apply to only bud or also leaves, stems, seeds? Will possession limits only apply to the percentage of psychoactive chemicals in a bag of marijuana?

    Is "any harvest" some sort of unlimited loophole? Can someone convert a grain tower silo into a 5' W x 5' L x 50' H vertical grow op for "personal consumption"? A 5' diameter bush outside that's 12' tall? 25 single-cola 8' plants growing outside trimmed to each fit in its own one square foot area? Does the 25 square feet have to be in one single area? Could someone have two 2x2 grows? What if someone has a larger grow space than 25 square feet but there are is under 25 square feet of plants growing in it at the time? If someone owns multiple parcels of land, can they have 5x5 personal grows on each one? Can landowners subdivide existing land into smaller parcels to have more personal grow spaces? Can there be a grow on every level of an apartment fire escape? Will people convert entire floors of apartment buildings or motels into residential grow ops to compete with commercial growers? Will landlords pay tenants to grow in their apartments? Will people set up cubicles in loft apartments to take advantage of residence grow limits? Will people convert capsule hotels to take advantage of residence grow limits?

    Will there be more indoor or outdoor industrial commercial growers? Will outdoor commercial growers use greenhouses more than open-air growing to prevent fertilization of female plants? Will indoor or outdoor industrial growers produce more? Will indoor or outdoor growers use pesticides? Will an increase in indoor homegrows and industrial grows increase the chance of blackouts? Will indoor commercial growers in certain areas be restricted to certain hours when they can turn their lights on to prevent blackouts? Will the power grid in California be able to handle the demand? Will California have to build more peaking power plants? Will there be restrictions on exhaust in commercial and home grows? Will exhaust systems no longer be needed in homegrows? Will a strong smell of marijuana near a residence no longer be probable cause for police? Will there be a public tipline set up to snitch on people? Will it be legal to burn stems and leaves and waste plant matter in power plants? Will there be a market for plant waste/cellulose? How can it be used? How can it be transported? How must commercial cannabis waste be disposed of? Will industrial growers burn their own waste? Sell it? Will cannabis stems and leaves become a major source of biomass? Can it be used to make biofuel? Fermented to make methanol?

    Will there be an increase in electrical fires related to homegrows? Will fire departments have to hire more people to combat more electrical fires? Will there be special procedures in dealing with homegrow fires? Industrial marijuana fires? If a commercial crop is ruined somehow, how must the cannabis be disposed of? Will there be weed farm/factory inspectors? Will there be some sort of stamp of approval? Will it fall under FDA or USDA jurisdiction? Will the FDA have to approve cannabis products or will it be classified as an herb? Will the California Department of Public Health inspect retail weed stores?

    If Proposition 19 passes I think there will be an explosion in the number of weed stores, weed bakeries, weed cafes, smoking bars, hydro stores, grow supply stores, weed clothing companies, seed companies, breeders, glass blowers, 5x5 tent manufacturers, souvenir/poster/novelty item makers, tourist shops, tourist traps, etc. Can a 16-year-old be a cashier in any of them? Will you have to be 21 to even enter? Will under-21 employees at California medical dispensaries be laid off? Will there be a push to allow anyone 18-years-old or older to be able to legally purchase/smoke marijuana?

    Will California become the largest importer of fertilizers? HID lighting? Will lightbulb/ballast manufacturers have increasing sales? Will it to be lawful to sell grow equipment or seeds door to door? Will any California weed companies grow large enough that they'll produce all of their growing equipment in-house? Will California weed companies buy/lease equipment factories in China or start their own?

    Where are the weed stores allowed to buy their weed from? Can a medical dispensary and recreational business be located in the same building? Share the same counter? Use the same supplier? If someone shows their medical card will they be subject to a lower tax rate in combination outlets? Will medical/retail weed prices be the same? Will weed prices go down? Will weed companies/stores engage in price fixing? If a city applies a higher tax to recreational marijuana, will purely medical dispensaries be subject to that higher tax as well? Will many current medical dispensaries will just change their sign and become retail weed stores? Will people be allowed to form and sell out of co-ops?

    Will every city and county in California approve retail weed stores? Will there still be black markets in California? Will some buyers stay loyal to their former marijuana dealers? Will retail weed stores be English-only? Will owners/operators be allowed to speak any foreign language? Will niche stores spring up among various demographic groups? Will there be zoning limits on how close an indoor cannabis growing facility can be located to other structures? Size limits of retail weed stores? How about the distance between grow areas and retail weed stores? How about distances between homegrows and schools, churches, etc? How about zoning limits on outdoor marijuana farms? Will there be a limit on how many acres they can be? Will there be restrictions on how it can be harvested? Will female plants only be allowed to grow in certain areas? How about male plants? Will all male plants be culled? Will they be sold to breeders? Destroyed? Made into paper? Will the paper be required to have under a certain THC content? Where can cannabis products not made from bud be sold? Will non-marijuana crops be allowed to grow in the same building or field as marijuana? Will marijuana be allowed to be processed in the same facility as non-marijuana? Will there be requirements on fences and security systems for commercial grows? Will felons be allowed to work at weed farms/factories/stores? People previously imprisoned for marijuana-related offenses? Parolees? People on probation? Prisoners on work release? Will prisons allow commercial marijuana cultivation onsite using low-wage prison labor?

    It won't be legal to transport over one ounce of "personal consumption" cannabis. Can a city change that? What if a caregiver transports over one ounce of medical marijuana to a dispensary? How about a trafficker claiming to be a caregiver? Can one apartment tenant share two ounces with his next door neighbor, but only if he makes two trips? You could never have over one ounce of "personal consumption" weed in a vehicle. What about medical weed in a vehicle? Will people have to show proof that recreational cannabis was bought legally? If you're found in possession of under an ounce will you have to show your weed store receipt to prove you bought it legally to avoid a citation? Will you have to provide evidence you are a homegrower? What qualifies as evidence? What if a truck driver has one ounce on him and a passenger also has one ounce on him? Can people grow in vehicles? What if a guy's car is his residence? What if a commercial truck driver has one ounce on him in his truck and lives out of his truck and sleeps on a bed in the cab? Do tents on private property count as a residence? What about grow ops in motor homes? Trailers? Trailer parks? What about marijuana growing along the freeway? In sidewalks? On parking strips? In parks?

    How many times can someone buy one ounce at the weed store in a day? Where do they have to leave it before they can buy again? Can they walk in, buy an oz, give it someone outside, repeat? Can people buy one ounce daily as long as they store it all at home? Can weed stores sell cuttings? Will weed stores be able to sell cuttings that weigh over one ounce since they couldn't be transported? Can weed stores sell pollen? Seeds? How does weed have to be presented in weed stores? Behind glass counters? In glass jars? Will THC percentage have to be displayed by strains? Can weed stores operate out of malls? Suites? Skyscrapers?

    Will anyone and everyone try to buy low in California and sell high in other US states? Are drug gangs going to employ buyers to buy weed in one ounce increments and pool it together for mules to transport and sell out of state? If five people on a Greyhound bus to Vegas each have one ounce of legally purchased weed in their own luggage, is the driver liable? Will Greyhound allow weed on their buses in California? Will public transit in California allow each passenger to have up to one ounce on their person? One ounce among all passengers? No weed on any buses or trolleys? Will public transit allow stoned passengers to ride? Will drug gangs buy up or start their own bus companies?

    In July Congress passed S.258 which makes it unlawful for anyone 18+ to make or distribute a Schedule I substance (like marijuana) combined with a candy product or marketed/packaged to look like a candy product. Do sugar or other sweeteners qualify as a candy product and would weed bakeries be affected? Do artificial sweeteners count as a candy product? Can someone make marijuana flavored or THC-containing chewing gum? Spreads? Pastes? Gels? Lozenges? Drops? Cubes of butter? Teas? Will soft drink manufacturers, snack food makers, or ice cream makers be allowed to use marijuana in their products? Can someone make cannabis "chew" and sell it in tins or pouches? Will any food company be allowed to use marijuana in their products? Where can such products be sold? Does a THC spray count as a food or drug product? Will cannabutter be sellable in grocery stores? Will any restaurant be allowed to cook with marijuana? Will street vendors be allowed to cook with marijuana?

    Will head shops be able to sell weed? Will customers be able to mention marijuana in head shops? Will weed stores be able to also sell smoking equipment and supplies, vaporizers, vaporizer accessories, grow books, growing supplies, detox kits, hash, hash oil, hash making equipment, extracts, pastes, gels, bhang, tea, candy, snacks, soft drinks, packaged food, scales, baggies, lighters, torches, legal drugs, adult videos, adult sex toys, comics, zines, as well as rooms for smoking on the premises? What about online sales? Will weed stores be able to have try-before-you-buy taste testing? Will customers be legally allowed to smoke or vape inside weed stores in front of weed store counters? Will customers be allowed to touch and smell product before they buy? Will head shops be allowed to sell gas masks, diving helmets, spaced suits, smoke domes or other self-contained breathing equipment? Can they perform on-site suit inflation?

    Will there be regular as well as organically grown weed? Where can it be sold? Will cities allow weed farmers' markets? Will Whole Foods stock marijuana? Will Walmart stock marijuana? 7/11? Gas stations? Will there be limits on the THC content or weight of weed sold in gas stations or other businesses? Will there be weed vending machines? Will weed vending machines only be allowed inside/in front of certain businesses? Weed automats? Will you be able to know where your weed comes from? Will weed have to be sold with a UPC? Where do you put a UPC on weed? Will loose weed be illegal to sell over the counter? Will joints/blunts be sold in packs/cartons? Will it be legal to sell a pack/carton of blunts/joints containing various strains? Will you be able to buy joints a la carte? Will there be limits on commercial joint/blunt sizes/shapes? Could a weed store sell one ounce blunts? A dozen joint roses? Will buds be vacuum packed? Will weed be sold in packages with RFID tags? What about the manufacture/sale of bud pellets pressed into various shapes and sizes? Bud within gelcaps inside a simulation prescription bottle?

    Will a law enforcement presence be required at every weed store? Will law enforcement attach GPS trackers to vehicles leaving weed stores if a driver or passenger is seen leaving with a large package? Will police use infrared scanners to detect homegrows over the legal limit? Will weed stores be required to have barred windows? Security guards? Alarm systems? Outdoor ID checks? Video surveillance? Will local governments require online streaming video surveillance in every commercial grow or retail weed store? Will retail weed store customers be targeted by anti-corporate activists? Will any weed store found to be in the slightest violation be busted? Will weed stores that comply with California state and county and city law be busted by Feds anyway?

    Will commercial weed growers or weed stores be able to vaporize marijuana and store/sell the vapor in containers? Will only certain container materials be allowed? Gas cylinders? Steel cartridges similar to CO2 cartridges? Bags? Balloons? Aluminum cans? Beer bottles? Will vapor containers have size limits? Will there be pressure requirements? Can weed stores sell vapor balloons? Will helium be unusable in them? Will it be illegal to pop vapor balloons in public? Will vaporizing/smoking in public be allowed if the user is wearing a self-contained breathing apparatus? Will the United States Department of Transportation oversee transportation of high pressure vapor cylinders? Will containers only be allowed to contain the vapor from 1 oz of marijuana? Will weed stores be allowed to sell vapor bags that would hold the vapor from over 1 oz of marijuana? Will weed stores be allowed to sell home vapor storage systems? Home gas cylinder systems? Will transport of over 1 oz of vapor be illegal? Will it be lawful to bring or puncture vapor bags at concerts, fairs, festivals, or other crowded areas? Will it be lawful to manufacture/convert/sell plug-in air fresheners or timed misters containing cannabis smoke or vapor? What about aerosol or atomizer sprayers? Liquids for use in such devices? Will it be lawful to operate a vapor bar? One where customers bring their own product for vaporization? Can a vaping/smoking bar also be an oxygen bar? Can a smoking club or bar or indoor concert employ women or use a machine to blow smoke contained in bubbles? Will someone invent a reliable THC breathalyzer? Will it be used by cops and will there be legal THC driving limits? Will there be a large market for marijuana detection systems? Sniffers? Instant blood tests?

    Will the statewide California tobacco smoking ban in all enclosed workplaces also apply to cannabis? Will cannabis smoking only be allowed in workplaces with five or less employees and if all workers consent and if no minors are allowed inside? Will cannabis smoking be allowed in private smoking lounges? Bars? Restaurants? Clubs? Casinos? Conference rooms? Indoor conventions halls? Hotel/motel rooms? Art classes? Tattoo parlors? Truck cabs and tractors? Employee breakrooms? Warehouses with over 10K sq ft and 20 or less fulltime employees? Weed factories? Outdoor dining areas? Within 20 ft of public buildings or bus stops? Parks? Trails? Sidewalks? Streets? Beaches? Will cannabis smoking only be legal in private residences? Any private business? Private property? What about vaporizing in all of the above? Will public vaporizing be lawful anywhere? Will it be legal to carry weed in California parks? National parks in California? Will marijuana smoking/vaping be allowed on employee smoke breaks?

    Will there be weed stores with drive-though windows? Will there be over-21 weed movie theaters that sell weed and allow smoking/vaping on the premises? BYOW? Will strip clubs be able to sell weed and/or allow smoking/vaping on the premises? Other sexually oriented businesses? Can someone operate a weed bed-n-breakfast? Will motels/hotels allow cannabis smoking or vaporizing in their rooms? Will restaurants have smoking/non-smoking/marijuana smoking/vaporizing sections? Will someone be able to run a marijuana botanical garden? Golf resorts with marijuana forests? What about marijuana theme-party stores? Marijuana theme-weddings? The manufacture/sale of fireworks related to marijuana?

    If Propositon 19 passes, will it later be seen as ceding power to corporations? As a step backwards? Will it create Big Weed? Will Big Weed be demonized like Big Tobacco? When's the last time non-shareholders and non-politicians and non-addicts praised Big Tobacco? Will there be lawsuits against Big Weed? Will existing agricultural corporations take over marijuana in California? Will existing pharmaceutical companies take over? Will existing corporations avoid cannabis production, distribution, and sales altogether in order to avoid federal lawsuits? Will Prop19 create "black market corporations" in California operating illegally under federal law?

    Will Prop 19 create a Big Weed lobby in DC? Will Big Weed become political? Will corporations who make the biggest campaign contributions or have the best political ties get the grow contracts? Will cannabis corporations run political ads supporting/opposing political candidates? Will it be impossible to get rid of cannabis corporations once they start wielding political influence and buying politicians? After Prop19 passes, will it be seen as giving up what some consider a sacred plant over to corporate control with a singular goal of profit, expansion, and positive quarterly reports? Will people regret a new labyrinth of rules? Will people resent a new corporate drug pusher? Will people resent being incarcerated for years and then local governments getting in on the action, while people still get incarcerated? Will Big Pharma create and patent new medicines derived from cannabis? Will people smoking certain strains be infringing on those patents?

    Will people be happy buying corporate weed from AgraMed or other corporations? Will there be conspiracy theories where the public thinks corporations are selling marijuana to them or putting something in it to make the public stupid or docile or gullible enough to buy other products? Will corporate cannabis be a boon to capitalism and consumerism? Will existing companies swallow up start-up weed companies? Will the number of weed companies eventually get smaller and smaller in California as they are bought up by larger companies? Will it be lawful to operate a weedbank where people can deposit/withdraw weed? Will weed act as a currency in certain localities? Will investment banks be allowed to give loans to weed companies? Where will weed companies be able to get loans? Will banks giving loans to weed stores or commercial grows be flagged for potential money laundering?

    Will a commercial weed company ever have an initial public offering? Will marijuana be bought and sold as a commodity on stock exchanges? Will it be traded in bushels? Will contracts for bushels be bought and sold? Will people be able to buy stock in weed companies? Will derivatives based on marijuana be allowed? Will global investors, criminal organizations, or foreign states be able to invest in California weed companies? Will betting on marijuana related issues be allowed in California? Will marijuana lotteries be allowed? Will marijuana promotions be legal? Buy a car and get one free ounce of marijuana? Will any billionaires or millionaires become angel investors in the commercial marijuana industry? Will the amount of millionaires in California increase? Will marijuana become California's #1 export?

    Will weed production affect food production in California? Will weed be more profitable to farm in California than other crops such as oranges? Will the weed industry take over other sectors of the Californy economy by GDP? Will the need for more land lead to deforestation? Will it be legal to plant marijuana forests and designate them national parks or wildlife refuges? Will marijuana be allowed to grow legally in national parks or wildlife refuges? Will it be legal to feed cattle marijuana? Sell marijuana milk? Instead of Kobe beef, Kush beef? Will it be lawful to give marijuana to an animal? Will videos of Californians giving marijuana to animals or pets flood YouTube? What would happen legally if someone blew marijuana smoke in a minor's face?

    Will the passage of Prop19 create an ideological schism in the national legalization movement? Will many people think that California settled on Prop 19? Soldout? What environmental impact will industrial weed farming have? Would environmentalists or anti-corporate activists ever sabotage a weed company? Would someone ever sabotage a commercial grower with mold or mildew, by breaking lights, by altering nutrient reservoirs or soil conditions? Would competitors sabotage rival weed stores with mold or mildew? Will someone engineer a virus or disease that attacks the cannabis plant? Will corporatization of cannabis inspire a Weed Is Murder or Free The Weed movement among biocentrists or deep ecologists, fighting for plant rights? Will mechanical harvesters be sabotaged so cannabis could grow freely under the sun? Will someone want to marry a cannabis plant? You know there's gonna be that guy.

    Will cities allow cannabis churches in their communities? Will there be a rise in new cannabis cults, new age religions, or self-proclaimed gurus? Is the concept of cannabis spirituality diametrically opposed to cannabis corporatization? Has anyone ever felt spiritual after buying something from a corporation?

    Will corporatization of marijuana create potential public health problems such as foodborne illnesses? Will sanitation be ignored as long as the cannabis is burned when consumed? Could there be any E. coli outbreaks related to commercially grown marijuana? Could nearby cattle or pig ranches contaminate irrigation water near outdoor marijuana fields? Could marijuana field workers introduce diseases onto crops through unsanitary handling practices? Could mechanical harvesters introduce petroleum products onto crops or soil? Could mold or mildew or pesticides on commercially grown marijuana pose lung problems? Could commercial curing processes introduce pathogens? Will there ever be any weed recalls? Will any commercial growers use nicotine as a pesticide on cannabis crops? Will commercial growers be allowed to combine marijuana with nicotine or other chemicals and sell it?

    Will Prop 19 affect pregnant women in any way? Fetuses? Will secondhand marijuana smoke pose a risk to anyone? Will Prop 19 lead to an increase of cannabis research grants? Will colleges begin offering new courses related to marijuana? New degrees?

    How much will usage rise? How many tons of marijuana will California produce in the first year after Proposition 19 passes? How many pounds of marijuana will California consume in the first year after Proposition 19 passes? How much the next year? How about usage in America as a whole? How much will usage rise in surrounding states? Will everyone in California be stoned all the time? Will Californians eat more fast food? Will obesity rates go up? Will certain fast food chains open more stores in California? Will everyone in certain cities be stoned all the time? Will stoned texting become a big problem on roads? Will Proposition 19 make pot uncool? Will the public say that corporations or the government took all the fun out of it? If marijuana use becomes mainstream and lame, will harder illegal drugs become the new cool thing to do? Will people who used pot before Prop 19 passes look down on users who started after Prop 19 passed? Will employees/buyers of corporate weed be disdained, spit on, attacked by purists as traitors or sellouts? Will there be protests/picketing with signs saying "Just Say No To Corporate Weed"? What events will weed companies be allowed to sponsor? How can that sponsorship be displayed?

    If Proposition 19 passes, how will tobacco usage in California be affected? How will alcohol usage in California be affected? Will weed affect tobacco prices? Will criminal organizations or the DEA drop or fog defoliants or herbicides on commercial outdoor marijuana grows? Will commercial growers themselves use herbicides on their marijuana crops to control weeds? Will rival companies or law enforcement or moles or monkeywrenchers introduce male pollen onto sensimilla crops, perhaps by airplane or ventilation systems? Will all large-scale outdoor marijuana farms naturally produce pollinated females? Will this leave a demand for sensimilla on the black market? Will commercial weed be looked down upon as "that seedy shit"? Will homegrowers who are employed on weed farms or in weed factories accidentally or perhaps intentionally introduce male pollen onto sensimilla crops? Will indoor weed factory employees be required to wear cleanroom suits to prevent accidental fertilization by male pollen? How often will employees steal seeds or cuttings? If an employee is stealing weed or seeds or cuttings and is discovered, will they just be fired or will other state/federal laws apply?

    Will people be allowed to carry up to one ounce of weed in California airports? Will the TSA ramp up screening for weed in California airports? Will obviously stoned passengers be allowed on commercial flights leaving California? Will California airports allow cannabis smoking/vaping bars? Will pilots be allowed to enter them? Will bus tours be able to enter California and take people to various shops or country weederies, as long as there is no weed on the bus when it leaves California (or as long as no weed is every carried on the bus)? Will limos or cabs allows marijuana smoking/vaporizing in the back?

    What if a guy gets pulled over for speeding on the way to Nevada, 3 miles from the border and admits to there being 10 lbs of weed in the trunk. Does the oz possession limit no longer apply to him because he claims he "harvested it for personal consumption"? Does the possession limit not apply to him because he's not carrying those 10lbs on his person? What if he also has a gun in the car? Is he in violation of the law simply because he's transporting over one ounce of weed? What if he claims he's a medical grower delivering to a medical dispensary in Nevada (or California) and is a caregiver and shows his MMJ card? What if a homeowner with a 5x5 grow has a gun in the house? Will people with concealed carry permits be allowed to bring firearms into weed stores or onto weed farms/factories?

    Is letting each city and county decide its own laws meant to encourage people to support Proposition 19 or is it meant to generate chaos so that statewide uniform regulation will be enacted? Will a website have to be set up explaining the varying laws from city to city? Will the varying laws create pockets of black market opportunities? Will police departments be stressed by a societal sea change? If Proposition 19 passes, can it be reversed and if so how soon? If it is reversed, will it hurt the chances of other future initiatives in California or initiatives in other states?

    Will weed prices drop? How much money will local governments be able to collect in taxes and fees? Will any tax money be collectible seeing as how buying/selling/possessing marijuana is still against federal law? Will a drop in price affect the amount cities can collect in taxes? If cities put tax rates too high, will people just buy on the untaxed black market?

    Will Proposition 19 create jobs? What will be the fasting growing jobs if Proposition 19 passes? Weed store cashiers, growing supply stores, electricians, botanists, budtenders, budtrimmers, budpickers, glass blowers, seed companies, snack food distributors, bakers, seed patent offices, weed lawyers, weed lawfirms, in-home grow experts, smugglers based in California, drug gangs, drug cartels, interstate bus companies/drivers, global corporations, Big Agro, Big Tobacco, Big Pharma, Big Chemical, fertilizer makers, large-scale growers, breeders, THC analysis companies, genetic engineering labs, gene sequencing labs, drug test makers, detox kit makers, police, prison guards, SWAT team members, DEA agents, fire-prevention companies, firefighters, weed store/farm/factory inspectors?

    Proposition 19 won't legalize marijuana. Possession and transport over one ounce will still be illegal. Possession under one ounce has only been a $100 fine for years in California. Every transaction over one ounce is still black market. How often do drug cartels transport under one ounce now? How much of each cartels' profits come from selling under one ounce within California alone? If someone wants to buy more than one ounce, who will be selling it?

    Proposition 19 does nothing regarding prohibition in other states. Weed will be legal to grow and buy in California, yet be illegal in surrounding states. A black market will still exist. Drug cartels might no longer have to worry about smuggling marijuana into California from Mexico or Canada. Will smuggling from Mexico into Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico increase? Will smuggling from California to Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona dramatically increase? Will smuggling from retail weed cities to non-retail weed cities increase?

    Will drug violence along the Mexican border shift to the US states bordering California as gangs/cartels fight over turf? Will California become a safe haven for marijuana growing/distributing? Will Los Angeles become the #1 hard drug hub in North America? How long until the first stabbing or shooting near a weed store? How often will weed stores be robbed? How often will homegrowers be robbed? How long before the first burglary of a major commercial grow facility? Will there be arson of commercial weed facilities? Will there be wildfires due to gangs torching corporate fields? Will gangs employ rippers to steal from corporate fields? How often will people be robbed on the street for their legally purchased weed? Will people currently imprisoned for growing under one ounce be released? Will there be prison riots as people incarcerated for marijuana crimes get angry over their non-release? Will marijuana be considered contraband in prisons? Will public marijuana smoking be illegal statewide? Will vaporizing in public be lawful? What if people carry smoking/vaping equipment in brown paper bags?

    Will previously law abiding citizens start buying low in California and selling high in other US states in order to capitalize on Proposition 19? Will out-of-state trafficking dramatically increase? Will stopping out-of-state shipments fall largely upon California law enforcement, state officers in surrounding states at the borderline, or federal agents? Will permanent checkpoints be set up on all major roads leaving California? Will criminal organizations burglarize weed stores? Kill growers? Take over businesses? Create protection rackets? Hijack commercial weed shipments? Fight over drug turf in California and elsewhere?

    Will Proposition 19 cripple drug cartels? Will cartels smuggle less marijuana from Mexico to California? Will Proposition 19 only affect marijuana shipments from the Tijuana cartel? Will other cartels be largely unaffected? I've read that the Beltran-Levya cartel also has territory in California and the Gulf cartel uses Los Angeles as a major distribution hub. Will LA become an even bigger global distribution hub? Will drug cartels increase other criminal activity? Will cartels give up marijuana smuggling into the US altogether? Will cartels increase their efforts on smuggling from California into Nevada and Oregon and Arizona? Will they prefer car, truck, motorcycle, plane, tunnel, bus, or something else? Will there be cartel massacres within California or surrounding states?

    Will smuggling out of California on ships increase? Will inspection of ships leaving California increase? Will inspection of ships entering other countries increase? Will California export more marijuana to foreign countries and islands? Will cartels operate commercial grows in California for plane/ship/submarine distribution worldwide? Will there be turf wars over ports? Will existing gangs or cartels bribe people in commercial grows to alter production numbers and redirect shipments? Will corporate weed be reported as ruined or destroyed but ends up on the black market? Will workers in commercial grows form their own drug gangs to steal product for resale in black markets? How will cities/counties know that all of the marijuana produced by a company is being sold only in retail stores in-state?

    Can California expect a new wave of immigrants from Mexico, other US states, or worldwide? Will 2010 be remembered as the start of a new California Green Rush? Will California become more known for Cannabis Valley than Silicon Valley? Will the population of California dramatically increase? Will there be weed shanty towns? Will comedy writers, musicians, artists relocate to California? Will drug tourism dramatically increase? Will tourism bring much needed money into California's economy? Will drug tourism lead to an increase in certain areas of crime?

    Will drug tourism in the Netherlands or elsewhere in the world go down if Prop19 passes? Will the High Times Cannabis Cup be permanently relocated to California? Will a San Francisco Cannabis Cup begin? How long after Proposition 19 passes will the first cannabis cup be held in California? Will cities ban or limit the number of public weed gatherings that can take place?

    Proposition 19 isn't going to end the war on drugs. It won't even end marijuana prohibition. There are 478 cities and 58 counties in California and they'll each get to decide whether to tax and sell pot commercially. Unless every city approves retail sales, there will still be black markets in California. If Prop19 passes will less people be imprisoned for marijuana-related crimes? People will only be able to possess up to one ounce under Proposition 19, but that's already not an arrestable offense in California. People possessing over one ounce are arrested now. After Prop19 they will still be arrested. People selling on the black market are arrested now. After Prop19 they will still be arrested. Will less homegrowers go to prison? If they sold before they could have ended up in prison and if they sell after Prop19, they may still end up in prison. If they give someone more than one ounce they may still end up in prison. Will less people be imprisoned for homegrowing? How many homegrowers in California who only get high on their own supply, don't sell, and who grow in under 25 sq ft go to prison now? Will arrests for out-of-state trafficking go up? I guess that depends on law enforcement border control. Will arrests for inner-state trafficking go up? Will arrests in other states for trafficking out of California go up?

    Will homegrowers be able to sell to weed stores? Will homegrowers or gangs or cartels sell to minors since retail weed stores won't? Will gangs corner the market on sales to those under 21? Or will minors be able to get the weed they need by stealing from their parents' personal grows? Will homegrower parents be required to put locks on their grow rooms? Will corporate weed or companies like AgraMed put mom and pop growers out of business? Will corporations flood the market with cheap weed and then when they've put competitors out of business raise the price?

    If Proposition 19 passes, will 18 to 20-year-olds be allowed to legally consume medical cannabis? What if a 21-year-old non-medical cardholder hands an 18-year-old medical cardholder a bag of medical weed? What if a 25-year-old medical cardholder dispensary cashier sells an 18-year-old medical cardholder a bag of medical weed? Will medical users who smoke in their home be arrested if their children live with them? What about vaporizing in the same space as a minor? What about smoking/vaping in the same space as a pet? What if a mom publicly admits to giving her autistic child marijuana? What if it turns out neither has a doctor's recommendation? Will users interpret Prop 19 one way and cops/judges another way? Will bribes to law enforcement, attorneys, and local officials and contributions to politicians increase? Will Feds crack down even harder on California? Will Feds continue to enforce federal drug laws and raid commercial ops they deem in violation of the Controlled Substances Act? Will bugging/wiretapping of commercial weed facilities become commonplace? Will weed store owners be harassed, followed, their phones wiretapped, their residences bugged?

    Will Proposition 19 endanger the status of medical marijuana in California or nationwide? Will pharmaceutical companies be allowed to breed their own strains? Will they be able to advertise their strains on television in California? Will marijuana advertisements be acceptable anywhere? In niche magazines, on the radio, on TV, on billboards, signs, banners, graffiti, posters, plush joint mascots on street corners? What restrictions will be placed on signage and logos outside weed stores/grow facilities? Will images of marijuana leaves be banned in public?

    Will cheap California weed flood every other US state? Will weed prices drop in Reno and Las Vegas? Will prices stay the same on the east coast? Will selling on the east coast become more profitable due to profit margins on cheap Cali weed? Will an ounce in California cost less than a medical eighth in other states? Will that affect medical dispensaries out-of-state? Will medical dispensaries out-of-state be forced to illegally import from California to compete with black market prices in their own state? Will they have to sell their self-grown weed for less?

    Will Oakland have a natural monopoly if Proposition 19 passes? Will its licensing system set the trend for the entire state? How much will people who work in industrial weed factories make? How much will people picking weed on farms make? Will outdoor weed farms employ mainly illegal immigrant laborers? Will companies ship in illegal immigrants much like slaughterhouses in the south do? Will weed farms/factories provide health insurance? How will the mandate to purchase health insurance interact with the effects of Proposition 19? Will there be a spike in emergency room visits? Traffic accidents? Traffic accidents among 21 to 25-year-old drivers? Workplace accidents? Workplace/college absenteeism?

    Will unemployment in California go down? Will unemployment in certain areas go up? Will there be an increase in foreclosures among people currently growing and selling marijuana as the legal price drops? Will Humboldt County or Mendocino County go through a recession? Marijuana is one of the biggest cash crops in America. If people are unemployed they can always grow & sell marijuana to make ends meet. If marijuana production by corporations becomes legal, then what? "Look, you can always get a job at the weed farm or processing factory making minimum wage. You should be grateful they're giving you a job."

    Will the demand for feminized seeds increase due to corporate buying? Will global seedbanks see a spike in sales until California establishes legal seedbanks? Will global seedbanks suffer as seed prices plummet in California? Will it still be illegal to import seeds into California from elsewhere? Will it be legal to operate a seed company in California? Will they be allowed to patent strains? Will people be allowed to patent specific cannabis terpenes? Will seedbanks sue growers for patent infringement? Will gene sequencing of all cannabis strains be lawful in California? Will genetic engineering of cannabis be outlawed? Will there be free reign? Will corporations genetically engineer female plants that can't be pollinated? With bigger yield? Shorter flowering time? With certain aromas or flavors? Will they engineer other plants to contain THCA synthase? Will a corporation create a strain dubbed "Frankenweed" by critics? Will corporations only grow weed with over a certain percentage of THC in order to make hash or extracts? Will there be a THC limit on weed for commercial production/sale? Will someone produce an injectable THC liquid? How long before Monsanto creates a transgenic Roundup-resistant cannabis strain? Will farmers/growers be sued for keeping certain seeds for next season? Will there be lawsuits over growers growing breeders' seeds without permission? Will monkeywrenchers steal seeds from corporations and give them away?

    Will only retail weed stores be allowed to possess scales and not for sale? Will scales in homegrowers' residences or vehicles be seen as evidence of intent to sell? Will someone be arrested if a used pipe or other smoking/vaping equipment is found in their vehicle? What would happen if cops are called to a residence and their are 10 people there having a party and cops find 5 oz of weed sitting on a table which was brought by 5 different people and the weed is in 5 separate baggies? What if it's all laying on the table together in one big pile? What if a 20-year-old is there?

    If Prop 19 passes will existing users use more? Will there be more new users? Will homegrowers sell to their friends? Will homegrowers sell in black markets in California or out-of-state? Will homegrowers still be competing with drug gangs/cartels for black market sales? Will black market prices change in relation to legal prices? Will many people find out they suck at growing?

    Will it be lawful to have a grow specialist come to your house and construct a grow for you as your guest? What if he brings seeds that came from outside California? Will housecall grow specialists make customers responsible for obtaining their own seeds? Will weed stores be able to sell seeds? Will it be legal to send cannabis seeds in the mail within California? Will it be lawful to transport cannabis seeds in California? Will all mail packages leaving California be X-rayed? There are over 2500 strains of cannabis. What if the taste/experience of a retail strain is not the same as the black market/homegrown strain? What if someone is growing a strain not native to California? Is that evidence of illegally importing a foreign strain? How does one determine if a strain is now native to California? Will people be able to lawfully possess/transport more than one ounce of seeds? By vehicle? By mail? Will all strains be legal for homegrowing? Commercial production/sale? Will certain strains be outlawed? Will certain seed strains require identifiable markers on the seeds or packages they come in? What if a commercial grower obtained seeds or cuttings from a medical grower but the medical grower obtained seeds from out of state?

    Will it be lawful to have a grow doctor come to your house and diagnose/treat your plants' nutrient deficiencies, mold/mildew problems, or pests, and gives tips, tricks on increasing yield, etc? Where can a grow specialist/grow doctor lawfully advertise his services? Will they need to be licensed by a city or state? Will grow workshops/conferences be legal? Can they only be held in certain buildings? Will private businesses be able to decide whether to allow smoking on the premises? Will cannabis colleges like Oaksterdam University be lawful statewide? If someone purchases a large amount of grow supplies (more than seems necessary for a 5x5 grow), will they be flagged or arrested? Will people need a certain license to purchase grow supplies in bulk? Will Internet grow/head shops licensed in California be subject to random searches? Will it be lawful for a weed store in California to sell bongs and pipes or any products over the Internet?

    What sort of product names will be allowed to be trademarked? Will anyone be allowed to make a registered trademarks out of the words "hydro", "sensimilla", "weed", "grass", "dank", "nug", "Cali", "bud", "chronic", "420", etc? Will the names of weed sold in stores be untrademarkable? If one weed store sells marijuana labeled as one name, and another weed store sells different marijuana labeled as the same name, can the first store sue the second to stop? Will there be an official cannabis strain naming authority in California? Will all marijuana sold in weed stores be tested to ensure that it is in fact the strain the seller says it is? Will it be lawful to make/sell home test kits to detect THC in purchased marijuana, detect strains, detect THC in urine/hair, etc?

    Will people be able to spin the name or slogan of an existing product and use it for their weed business or strain? What about the public display of parodies of existing product logos altered to reflect marijuana in some way, similar to Wacky Packages? Will that count as fair use? What about display online? Will we see weed strain trading cards? Marijuana videogames? Browser games on social networks? Stoner trading cards? Will marijuana-themed commercial logo parodies or trading cards be banned under S.258 as marketing to children? What about colored joints or blunts packaged like crayons? What about colors on packaging? Will we see new patent applications for growing methods, smoking products, vaporizers, etc?

    Will certain strains become very common in weed stores? Early flowering strains? Autoflowering strains? Will prices for various strains vary widely? Will there be an explosion of websites listing legal weed prices in California much like sites list gas prices today? Will magazines and awards set trends? Will celebrities set trends? Will people start plugging various strains by various companies in ads? Can we expect ads that bash other strains? Will there be an increase in weed magazines and awards? Will there ever be a televised award show called The Weedies? Will commercial weed be inferior or superior to homegrown weed? Will people be allowed to possess more than one ounce in their residence as long as they claim they harvested it or if they also have plants in their residence (perhaps that they recently bought). What if they claim they bought it on different days at legal stores?

    Will cartels take advantage of legal grow limits per residence? Pool people together, apartments, parcels of land? Will gangs and cartels control certain territories? Will gangs or cartels buy/rob from homegrowers, employ homegrowers, rob/loot/set fire to rival weed stores or factories, take over weed factories, bribe truckers at commercial companies to ruin or lose shipments or give them a cut? Will cartels invest in or operate weed factories and weed stores? Will criminal organizations run weed factories? Weed farms? Weed stores? Head shops? How can you prevent criminal organizations from doing that? Will criminal organizations sell harder more profitable drugs out of weed stores? If less cartel weed is purchased on the black market in cities that have approved retail weed outlets, will cartels simply open, own and operate their own legal retail weed stores there? Will cartels use retail weed stores as fronts to fund the rest of their illegal activities or launder money? Will they be able to make a significant percentage of their profits perfectly legal (or appear perfectly legal)?

    Will Proposition 19 put cartel California guerrilla growers out of work? Will cartels stop growing in California national parks? Will they continue in attempts to avoid permits, regulatory fees, licenses, insurance requirements, and electrical costs for commercial grows? Will cartels sell guerrilla grown weed to retail stores? In cities that have approved the existence of retail weed stores, will any weed purchased there be cartel grown? Will cartels sell it through retail weed stores they operate themselves? Will cartels funnel it through commercial growers?

    Will cartel mules legally buy weed in California for transport out-of-state? Will mules be supplied by cartel stores? Will drug gangs attempt to corner the market on particular strains? Will cartels buy out the entire stock of certain strains in rival stores? Will cartels or gangs be able to manipulate strain supplies day to day? Will corporations?

    Transporting over one ounce will still be illegal and transporting it over the California border into surrounding US states will still be illegal, but cartels and drug gangs deal with that already. If cartels can legally operate commercial weed factories in California, will they be able to transport more or less weed out of California into other states? In weed factories or commercial weed fields, will the low-paid workers be predominantly Spanish-speaking? Will there be a rise in new independent drug rings? Will it be easy to plant cartel moles in non-cartel factories? Will cartels be able to siphon off product, money, or get them into legal trouble? Will cartels sabotage competitors and their crops/seedlines?

    Homegrowers might buy less weed on the black market. But not if a strain they want is only available on the black market. Or if they buy weed, seeds, or cuttings from their homegrower friends or online. In California will there be more legal "sharing"/trading/bartering for goods and services (and not just weed to weed)? Will Craigslist allow weed sales/trades? Will eBay allow weed listings? Will seedbay allow non-seed marijuana listings?

    Will people living in California near the Oregon border travel across the border to buy their weed there to avoid paying sales tax or weed tax? Will crime rates go up? Will crime rates go down? Will violence go down? Will theft rise? Will motor vehicle theft rise? Will the number of meth labs rise? Will the price of heroin go up? Will hard drug use go down? Up? Will school shootings go down? Will pawnshops be allowed to buy/sell weed?

    How will employers react? Can an employer refuse to hire someone based on the fact that they were seen entering a weed store or previously worked in one? Will people with certain professions be banned from ever using legal cannabis off the job? Will people be able to use food stamps to purchase weed?

    How will it affect indoor and outdoor concerts in California? Outdoor festivals? Outdoor events? Sporting events? Extreme sport festivals? Street festivals? Will there be weed festivals? Cannabis talent shows? Marijuana beauty pageants? Will smoking contests be banned? Will the culture change in California?

    How will the Internet change? Will Google allow people to mark favorite retail weed locations on Google maps and review them? Will Yelp allow reviews of weed stores? Will there be an explosion of strain/store review sites/blogs? Daily weed deal listings? Will Foursquare allow people to check in to weed stores? Will Facebook, Youtube, Twitter allow people to discuss marijuana use on their sites? Will videos of marijuana smoking/vaporizing in California be allowed on YouTube? On the TV news? Will such footage affect national legalization movements? Will people who live in California be able to legally order weed online? Will people in California attempt to sell weed online worldwide? Will home delivery be allowed? Weed on wheels?

    Will adult film producers in California be able to lawfully make videos with on-screen marijuana use if everyone involved is 21+? Will they be able to sell those videos online? Air them on cable channels? Will it be illegal to view them outside of California? How about adult photoshoots involving marijuana use? Photoshoots available online? Will someone come out with Barely 420 Legal magazine? Cannabis snob magazines? Anti-Prop19 magazines or zines?

    If Prop 19 passes, can we expect cover after cover of news magazines with marijuana on the cover? Possibly of a marijuana leaf shaking hands with a corporation? Can we expect tabloids to be full of celebrity opinions on marijuana and Prop 19? Can we expect a flood of news articles and books with titles like "How Marijuana Became Legal" "How Richard Lee Saved California" "How Prop 19 Went Wrong" "How NORML Sold Out" "How You Can Profit Off Prop 19" "Making Money In the New Gold Rush" "WeedWorld" "When Corporations Rule The Weed"? Will some marijuana book become the #1 seller on Amazon? Will cannabis entrepreneurs become celebrities? Will they appear on late night or daytime talk shows? Will guests on TV talk shows be allowed to smoke/vape marijuana while being interviewed? Will cooking shows based in California be allowed to air footage of cooking with marijuana? What kind of shows related to marijuana could be aired on TV? This Old Growhouse, Extreme Homegrow Makeover, Pimp My Grow, The Strain Hunter, Lifestyles of the Stoned and Famous, MTV Grows, Dank'd, Ace of Baked, Best Weed Ever, Cannabis Wars, $420 A Day, Good Weeds, Guy Off the Hookah, Have Pot Will Travel, Snoop Dogg's Father Hood, The Cypress Hill/Kottonmouth Kings Smile Time Variety Hour? Will High Times start a TV network? Will there be multiple cable channels dedicated to marijuana programming? Weed Network, FuctNews, Chillum, The Strain Discovery Channel, 420, THC, CBG, CBD, TokeTV, WeedyGuide, DIY Grow Network, JointVenture?

    If someone comes up with an idea or invention under the influence of corporate weed, will corporations seek to obtain partial ownership of the idea or co-author status? Will someone invent/convert a vehicle that runs on weed or weed biodiesel or seed oil? Can cannabis seed oil be sold in any store? Will there be infomercials on how inventors can market/profit from their weed ideas?

    If Proposition 19 passes, will all the people who voted for it be able to live with all the potential consequences? Will society breakdown? Will everyone live in peace and love and harmony? Will people who voted against Proposition 19 commit vandalism or violence against weed stores, commercial grow ops, or people leaving weed stores? If Proposition 19 fails, will it be more difficult to collect signatures for another initiative? If Proposition 19 passes will it turn out to be a disaster and stall legalization efforts in other states? Will the rest of America look to California for what not to do? If Proposition 19 passes, will users face serious stigma, perhaps nationally?

    Will marijuana really be treated like alcohol? People are allowed to buy and possess more than one ounce of alcohol. Can alcohol and marijuana be sold in the same place? Can a bar with a liquor license also obtain a weed license or vice versa? Will it be illegal to sell marijuana on certain days, say, election days? Will retail weed stores have set hours of operation? Can a brewery use cannabis in their products? Will the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control be in charge of regulating alcohol products made with cannabis? Will that also apply to tinctures? Will California create a California Department of Cannabis Control? Will the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives become the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Cannabis, Firearms and Explosives? Will people be allowed to "fortify" weak marijuana like people fortify Salvia Divinorum now? 10x, 20x, 40x? Will any agency oversee fortified marijuana? Will products with over 90% THC be legal? What if a commercial weed store laces their product with illegal drugs? Will there be an increase of psychotic episodes with high THC products? Is it possible that more people in California will be diagnosed with schizophrenia?

    Who will count the votes for Proposition 19? Stalin said those who vote decide nothing, those who count the votes decide everything. Will there be a paper trail? Is there a chance that Proposition 19 will pass but the media will report that it failed? If Proposition 19 doesn't pass will there be theories that the California government or federal government or mainstream media wouldn't allow it? If Proposition 19 does pass, will there theories that corporate interests were behind it?

    If Prop 19 passes, how will the mainstream media spin it? "Here we go..." "Finally!" "What have we done" "Noone knows how this new social experiment will play out..." "How will it affect you" "What does it mean for..." "In a time of economic crisis, California has chosen to" "Hidden dangers..."? Will it be used to drum up ratings with nightly scare stories? If Proposition 19 passes, how soon will there be a petition going around to collect signatures to reverse it? Will it be considered a failed experiment? If certain demographics overwhelmingly vote in favor of Prop19, how will that be spun by the media on television and radio and on the Internet? How will it be used as an issue by pundits on TV, radio, and the Internet? How long will Prop 19 remain in the daily news cycle? How will political parties, politicians, pundits spin it if Prop 19 passes?

    If Proposition 19 fails, how will the mainstream media spin it? As just one particular flawed initiative? A momentum killer? By claiming that stoners must have "spaced the date"? That California "came to their senses?" "Stepped away from the brink"? "Hit the breaks"? That California "sobered up"? Will they spin a failure as a "return to sanity"? Will such descriptions harm future initiatives in and out of state?

    Before the November election, will there be a flurry of anti-Prop19 ads on television? What's most likely to scare voters into voting no? Will Prop19 supporters have a response? Who's most likely to bankroll anti-Prop19 ads? Will there be a flurry of pro-Prop19 ads by corporate interests? Who's most likely to pay for pro-Prop19 ads? Will Proposition 19 lead to similar initiatives in other US states much like Proposition 215 did years ago? If Prop19 passes, how will politics change in California? If a political party comes out in strong opposition to/favor of to Prop19 before the vote, will they win votes among certain demographics? How will politics change in America? How will Proposition 19 affect television and movies coming out of California? News broadcasts? Talk shows? Will the news report on a new marijuana study every week? Will the news report on the effects in California every day, week?

    If Proposition 19 passes, how soon will things change in California? Is it possible that looting/riots could occur on the day Proposition 19 passes/fails? Massive public smoking gatherings/demonstrations? Arrests at gatherings/demonstrations? Will it be challenged in court? Will there be a legal limbo for a few years? Will entrepreneurs jump the gun and possibly be incarcerated? If Prop 19 passes, in hindsight will it be seen as a vote for freedom or a vote for corporate profits?

    Just some things to think about.

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